Best executive courses in Legal in Singapore

INSEAD Business School

6,929 USD

Globalisation and the economic shift to Asia has resulted in significant new opportunities for law firms operating in this region. At the same time, partners in these law firms are facing increased challenges including cost pressures, growing competition and talent retention issues. In this...

Jan 14—16, 2021

3 days in Singapore

6,929 USD

Hyper Island

82 USD

An intensive 1-day programme where participants will explore what it means to have an experimental mindset in the digital age Develop an iterative experimental mindset The focus will be on supporting participants to develop key habits and mindsets that are biased towards experimentation by...

May 20, 2021

1 day in Singapore

SIM Professional Development

701 USD

Understanding contract law is vital in business and will help you safeguard your business interests and protect your company’s rights at all times. Learn how and when a contract is formed, appreciate the different terms in a contract, find out the various vitiating factors that can rescind a...

Nov 1—2, 2021

2 days in Singapore

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