August 27, 2021

Offline courses

Melbourne Business School
Deepen your business skills with a course designed for Indigenous entrepreneurs and professionals. MURRA is named after the word for "fish net" in the Woi Wurrung language of the Wurundjeri people of Melbourne. It represents a gathering of Indigenous entrepreneurs and professionals who are...
Aug 27—Nov 25, 2021
1 day in Carlton, Australia
1,765 USD
IMD Executive Education
Experience team leadership situations and experiment with your role as a leader Receive intense individual feedback and coaching Develop strong team leadership qualities and team management skills Renew your energy and learn to mobilize people toward key business goals Grow your...
Aug 27—Sep 4, 2021
9 days in Lausanne, Switzerland
26,394 USD
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School of Continuing Studies
Data scientists work in teams and it's important for each team member to understand software engineering processes and practices. From requirements gathering to agile development to testing and deployment, the ability to go beyond writing macros and simple scripts is key to both more...
Aug 27—Sep 11, 2021
16 days in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
1,249 USD
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Online courses

The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Have you ever wanted to create presentations that are more effective, compelling, insightful and actionable? Do you feel we are all increasingly dependent on weighty decks of data, endless charts and passionless quantity over enlightening insight? Do you need to reduce swathes of material into...
Aug 27, 2021
Online course
Management Concepts
Spending decisions under Federal grants is challenging, especially with strict guidelines around what’s allowed and what isn’t. Understanding how to charge costs to grant awards and properly document decisions to defend against disallowances will enable you to manage your award more effectively....
Aug 27, 2021
Online course
Management Concepts
Virtual teams are commonplace in most organizations; however, successfully leading a team that is geographically dispersed requires nuanced leadership and management skills. This course explores characteristics of effective virtual teams and provides a framework for building or revitalizing...
Aug 27, 2021
Online course