July 1, 2021

Offline courses

RWTH International Academy
The Summer School covers the fundamentals used in automation and simulation. In hands-on exercises and computer lab lectures, students solve real world problems using industry standard and open source software. As a result, methods used in mechanical engineering are tried, tested and acquired. In...
Jul 1—31, 2021
21 days in Aachen, Germany
3,532 USD
Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education
In a unique offering from a UK business school, the Cambridge Creativity Lab is a hands-on, intensive two-day experience focused on stimulating personal and collective creativity and on better understanding the importance and relevance of creativity, and its practical range of application within...
Jul 1—2, 2021
2 days in Cambridge, United Kingdom
3,921 USD
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Online courses

As an organization looks to leverage the opportunities of digital technologies and become a so called digital enterprise, victory is determined not so much by successfully deploying technology as it is about making fundamental changes to an organization. This will include reimagining processes,...
Jul 1—2, 2021
Online course
3,072 USD
Management Concepts
The standards contained in the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) provide Federal financial managers and accounting personnel the historical context to effectively carry out their responsibilities. You will develop the foundational knowledge to ensure your organization complies...
Jul 1—2, 2021
Online course