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December 8, 2020

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Develop your confidence and understanding of the financial aspects of your organisation. This practical two-day course will help managers develop their financial understanding, understand how their decisions affect an organisation’s financial performance and improve their organisation’s...
Dec 8—9, 2020
2 days in London, United Kingdom
1,094 USD
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Management Concepts
Data analysis is only useful if it pertains to an organization’s most complex challenges and requirements. You will learn the core tools used to analyze data, how to model data with appropriate analysis techniques, and the skills to interpret and then answer the hypotheses you constructed....
Dec 8—11, 2020
4 days in San Diego, California, United States
1,659 USD
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Management Concepts
Federal funders and recipients need to understand the myriad statutory authorities, regulations, and agency rules that impact how grant funds are administered. You will develop an in-depth understanding of the laws surrounding grants by analyzing actual court cases and appeals board decisions....
Dec 8—10, 2020
3 days in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Management Concepts
Successful grants managers understand how the Federal cost principles affect their awards. Gain a firm grounding and practical experience in the concepts central to cost principles by applying them to different recipient types. Use the cost principles throughout the grants lifecycle: budget...
Dec 8—9, 2020
Online course