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August 25, 2020

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Without successful execution no organization can succeed or remain competitive. Yet with such importance subscribed to it, successful execution remains a challenge for most organizations. In this seminar participants will first learn about a four common approaches to execution and the impediments...
Aug 25, 2020
1 day in Chicago, Illinois, United States
Nelson Mandela University Business School
Aug 25—26, 2020
2 days in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Western Ontario University
Understand collaborative methods for resolving conflict and solving interest-based problems. Identify which approaches are appropriate in various situations. Learn the “secrets” of keeping discussions productive and avoiding impasses that could stall or end the communication process. ...
Aug 25—26, 2020
2 days in London, Ontario, Canada
UNSW Business School
Enhance your understanding of others and increase your emotional intelligence to lead with confidence. Emotionally intelligent leadership is critical to motivating, engaging and leading others effectively. Discover how to integrate these behaviours into your personal leadership style, recognise...
Aug 25—26, 2020
2 days in Sydney, Australia
2,445 USD
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Texas LBJ School
The Executive Oversight of Contract Management course equips state agency, local government and higher education managers to more effectively oversee contract managers. This course will equip state agency, local government and higher education managers who supervise individuals with contract...
Aug 25—26, 2020
2 days in Austin, Texas, United States
KTH Executive School
The purpose of this program is to provide the participants with the know-how, the broadened perspectives and the inspiration required to excel in developing and implementing new businesses, new strategies & new ways to operate. The participants are senior managers, officers and other key people...
Aug 25, 2020—Mar 19, 2021
20 days in Stockholm, Sweden
24,153 USD
Georgia Tech Professional Education
Learn good practice and techniques for developing software in a way that prevents the inadvertent introduction of security vulnerabilities in mobile, enterprise, web-based and embedded software systems. This three-day course contains a mix of lecture and hand-on exercises that emphasize not only...
Aug 25—27, 2020
3 days in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
1,795 USD
Stockholm School of Economics
The TIO – International Executive Program is intended for international general managers/executives leading a management team, with responsibility for an international market and/or a product segment. The focus of the program is on driving international growth. The program is open for...
Aug 25—Nov 23, 2020
21 days in Stockholm, Sweden
33,032 USD
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Impact Factory
The original "too nice for your own good"one-day Assertiveness Course The focus is on making choices and understanding that you have more choice than you think. It's a practical course which will help you feel more confident in your ability to deal with pushy people. We look at how you can...
Aug 25, 2020
1 day in London, United Kingdom