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June 16, 2020

Offline courses

IMD Executive Education
Improve performance and lead more effectively Prepare to take on top-level management roles and board positions Build a network of women in business to serve as mentors and role models Be a competitive advantage for your company. Contribute to leadership diversity Increase your...
Jun 16—19, 2020
4 days in Lausanne, Switzerland
10,071 USD
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Columbia Business School
The research and evidence is clear: inclusive leaders and inclusive organizations outperform those that are not, yet women remain underrepresented in all levels of management. This program, offered in partnership with the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College, is designed to...
Jun 16—18, 2020
3 days in New York, New York, United States
6,550 USD
2 more dates
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Learning Target You will learn how to efficiently monitor projects as well as how to recognize deviations from the plan and steer the project management while keeping the goals in mind. You can effectively support your project team through difficult phases. You will receive a valuable project...
Jun 16—18, 2020
3 days in Frankfurt, Germany
2,131 USD
Weatherhead School of Management
In order to thrive, it is essential for organizations to understand the complex dynamics of team formation and how to create an environment where teams do not just get work done together, but also act at their optimal level of productivity. The ability of an organization to act at its optimal...
Jun 16, 2020
1 day in Cleveland, Ohio, United States
695 USD
The National Preparedness Leadership Initiative
This executive leadership training program is designed to produce effective leadership across the public (federal, state, and local), private, and non-profit sectors. It includes instruction in a pragmatic, proven approach to leadership in high-stakes, high-pressure situations as well as...
Jun 16—19, 2020
4 days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
10,300 USD
1 more date
Management Concepts
Successful planning for mission-critical contracts requires understanding customer’s requirements and the contracting environment. You will learn how to use the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), conduct effective market research, develop alternative acquisition strategies, and identify how...
Jun 16—17, 2020
2 days in Tysons, Virginia, United States
Impact Factory
This is a dynamic, experiential course. You will be involved in games and exercises, recreating and re-running real interpersonal situations. Our aim is to develop each individual's leadership style so you can inspire and motivate your team, department and company. It is a challenging,...
Jun 16, 2020
1 day in London, United Kingdom
1,244 USD
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Management Concepts
Government employees often face serious repercussions when Federally-appointed funds are used incorrectly. Complying with appropriations law requirements is a critical component of stewarding Federal funds. By exploring the Government Accountability Office's (GAO's) Principles of Federal...
Jun 16—19, 2020
4 days in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
1,069 USD
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Management Concepts
Federal funders and recipients need to understand the myriad statutory authorities, regulations, and agency rules that impact how grant funds are administered. You will develop an in-depth understanding of the laws surrounding grants by analyzing actual court cases and appeals board decisions....
Jun 16—18, 2020
3 days in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Online courses

Management Concepts
Senior grants managers need to know when, what, and how to apply indirect cost (IDC) rates to Federal grant expenditures – and that it’s rarely a simple calculation. Others need to assess if IDC are applied consistently and accurately from the transactional to programmatic level. This one-day...
Jun 16, 2020
Online course