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Global Digital Network Readiness Index 2023 overview3 min read

December 25, 2023 3 min read


Global Digital Network Readiness Index 2023 overview3 min read

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Take a moment to explore the newly released Network Readiness Index 2023, a comprehensive and insightful analysis of how prepared and equipped nations are in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. This latest edition explores the critical aspects of digital readiness, highlighting the challenges and opportunities digital technologies present to societies, economies, and individuals globally. The Network Readiness Index (NRI) 2023 assesses the digital readiness of 134 economies, including new additions like Mauritania and Uzbekistan, but excluding Trinidad and Tobago. The NRI focuses on Technology, People, Governance, and Impact and includes a range of indicators under each sub-pillar.
These indicators reflect various aspects of network readiness, including technological infrastructure, digital skill levels, regulatory frameworks, and the societal and economic impacts of digital technology.

The United States retains the top spot, followed by Singapore, and Finland, which rose to third place. The top 10 also include the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, Denmark, Germany, and the United Kingdom. China, now 20th, is the highest-ranked upper-middle-income country.

The detailed examination of specific categories or “pillars” that collectively determine the overall ranking of a country or economy as a Pillar-Level Analysis:
Technology: The United States leads, excelling in digital content and future technologies. Switzerland and Hong Kong also rank highly, with China leading in access to digital technologies.
People: South Korea tops, followed by Israel and Japan, indicating strong digital technology adoption among individuals, businesses, and governments. The U.S. and China also show strong performance.
Governance: Northern European countries dominate, with Finland, the Netherlands, and Denmark leading. This pillar highlights their digital security, trust, regulations, and inclusion strengths.
Impact: Singapore leads, particularly in economy-related aspects and quality of life measures. Finland and Ireland follow, with Ireland notably leading in several Sustainable Development Goals.

This Index shows that the U.S. and European nations lead in digital readiness, not just through technological prowess but also in areas like cybersecurity and inclusive digital infrastructures. Their ultimate goal is to enhance how people can harness technology to its full potential, a measure reflected in pivotal domains of societal wellbeing.

The global study reveals that despite Asia’s progress in digitalization, Western countries remain ahead due to their focus on integrating technology with social factors like inclusivity and trust. Its multi-dimensional approach allows for a detailed understanding of the opportunities and challenges countries face in the digital age.

One of the key contributors to this seminal work is Soumitra Dutta, a co-author and co-editor of the report. Dutta, a distinguished figure in technology and innovation, brings his extensive expertise and insight to the publication. He is Peter Moores Dean and Professor of Management, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. His academic journey includes a tenure as a Professor of Management and the founding dean of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. Before joining Cornell in 2012, Dutta was part of the faculty and leadership team at INSEAD. His expertise lies in technology and innovation policy, and he has been actively involved in numerous initiatives across the globe, regionally, and in various industries to shape pertinent agendas.

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The Network Readiness Index 2023 and the accompanying discussions on AI’s role in innovation management offer a comprehensive and forward-looking view of our digital future, marking a pivotal step in a journey towards a more connected, innovative, and inclusive global society.