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Coursalytics Total Number of Open Courses Business Schools Ranking 20232 min read

September 27, 2023 2 min read


Coursalytics Total Number of Open Courses Business Schools Ranking 20232 min read

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In the modern landscape of business education, traditional MBA rankings are increasingly viewed as insufficient. With institutions diversifying their offerings and customizing programs, conventional rankings often fall short of capturing this vast, evolving spectrum. Such rankings, once the gold standard for gauging a business school’s prowess, are now just a part of a complex puzzle for prospective students.

At Coursalytics, we’ve been keenly observing the evolution and challenges of these ranking systems. The frequent changes in methodologies and occasional issues of data manipulation, as observed with institutions like Fox Business School and Rutgers Business School, have somewhat eroded the trust these rankings once commanded. Furthermore, notable platforms like The Economist and Forbes deciding to suspend their MBA rankings highlight an industry grappling with credibility concerns.

Given the shifting sands of the business education sector, we saw the need for an innovative ranking perspective. Regarding business education, the number of programs a school offers can be a testament to its breadth and depth in various business disciplines. As the business landscape evolves, so does the demand for specialized courses that cater to these shifts. We took it upon ourselves to curate a Coursalytics business school ranking 2023 unlike any other based purely on the number of open enrollment programs these institutions offer.

Methodology of Coursalytics Business School Ranking 2023

The methodology is simple yet robust. We sourced information from our extensive database of over 500 business schools across 79 countries. The number of open enrollment courses these schools provide exceeds a staggering 22,000. The length, cost, and other variables were not part of the evaluation criteria; the sole focus was the number of executive-level offline courses for 2023. It is also important to note that if a business school offers multiple courses with the same title within a year, it is counted as a single course. Our aim is to evaluate the breadth of unique open-enrollment courses provided by each institution to offer a ranking based on curricular diversity.

Top 20 Business Schools Based on Total Number of Open Enrollment Programs for 2023:

1. Harvard Business School (45–60)
2. The Wharton School (30–45)
3. Kellogg School of Management (30–45)
4. INSEAD Business School (30–45)
5. Sauder School of Business (30–45)
6. Vlerick Business School Executive Education (30–45)
7. Weatherhead School of Management (30–45)
8. Sloan School of Management (30–45)
9. Strathmore Business School (30–45)
10. Rotterdam School of Management (30–45)
11. IMD Business School (30–45)
12. Aalto University School of Business (30–45)
13. Stanford Graduate School of Business (30–45)
14. Wisconsin School of Business (30–45)
15. Lagos Business School (15–30)
16. Rotman School of Management (15–30)
17. Olin Business School (15–30)
18. GIBS Business School (15–30)
19. Columbia Business School (15–30)
20. The University of Auckland Business School (15–30)

The world of business education is in flux, and traditional ranking metrics no longer encapsulate the full scope of what institutions offer. By shifting our focus to the sheer volume of open enrollment programs, we at Coursalytics hope this new ranking will provide you with a more straightforward pathway to schools that are at the forefront of diverse business education.

Coursalytics business school ranking 2023