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Blockchain and FinТech: Short Courses2 min read

October 23, 2018 2 min read


Blockchain and FinТech: Short Courses2 min read

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Whether you find yourself checking BTC, ETH, or LTC obsessively or just wondering what the blockchain buzz is all about, you might be interested in taking a short fintech course. Over the past year or so more and more providers are launching new programs — so there is a lot to choose from.

There is arguably no better place to learn about blockchain technologies than Silicon Valley — and you are in luck: Berkeley Haas offers a new program in August  —  Blockchain Unlocked (kudos for the witty pun!) is taught by Greg Le Blanc and Adam Sterling, both are lawyers by training and have startup/VC experience.

If you don’t want to travel, but still would like a comprehensive program, Oxford offers a 6-week online course which starts on July 18 (better hurry!). Taught by leading fintech academics, Nir Vulkan and David Shrier, it covers all aspects of blockchain venture —  from competitive landscape to strategy and regulation.

In December, ESMT offers a 2-day program called Blockchain  —  Using its Potential to Benefit Your Business. It’s an excellent intro course for non-IT executives who’d like to understand various aspects of the blockchain technology and its potential threats and applications in their business.

Rotman’s Financial Innovation program, taught by two experts in finance and risk management, John Hull and Andreas Park, will help those in the financial services industry get beyond the buzzwords. The first day is dedicated to machine learning and the second deals with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The program runs in November.

A very unique course is offered by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Blockchain Developer Program targets experience developers looking to get into building blockchain-based apps. It combines various technical elements of development as well as business models and use cases. For about $1000/day, this 5-day program taught by blockchain practitioners is a bargain.

There are, of course, other programs dealing with fintech all over the world  —  reach out if you need help selecting!

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