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European School of Management and Technology

Blockchain - Using its Potential to Benefit Your Business

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Dec 2—3
2 days
Berlin, Germany
EUR 2600 ≈USD 2902
EUR 1300 per day

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In 2018, trends such as Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are continuing to take press and social media outlets by storm. Blockchain remains in the spotlight, and is sought after by myriad markets for its application possibilities. The technology can be seen as the core of a digital trust machine that people can use to replace human and labor intensive processes we have traditionally employed to overcome trust boundaries. However, Blockchain technology still remains out of reach for many companies, policymakers and strategists. What is behind this innovative technology and how can it actually create added value for companies? Which application possibilities exist and what new applications might be possible?

In this program, we will focus on three leadership perspectives regarding Blockchain:

  • Understanding characteristics of Blockchain technology: How did the technology develop? What are the alternatives? Who are the players?
  • Analyzing value creation of Blockchain start-ups: What value do they create? What is the differentiation against current solutions? Is there a market potential?
  • Applying Blockchain technology: How can we use cryptocurrencies? What are applications for businesses? What new applications might be possible?

Key benefits

  • You are able to evaluate the potential of Blockchain for your company, its opportunities and its challenges
  • You understand the motivation of startups and entrepreneurs in the Blockchain field and obtain an overview of players in the field
  • You draft a Blockchain application within the program and learn about critical issues when implementing Blockchain projects

Key topics

  • Understanding blockchain and its promise
  • Value creation and business models of start-ups
  • IP on blockchain and smart contracts
  • Application workshop to experience technology

Who should attend

Executives across industries who would like to get an introduction to cutting-edge, decentralized digital technology (“blockchain”), its potential for disruption, and how it will affect their business.

(We do not expect deep IT expertise but welcome enthusiasm for the potential of digital technologies.)

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Christoph Burger is senior lecturer and senior associate dean executive education at the European School of Management and Technology. Before joining ESMT, he worked five years in industry at Otto Versand and as vice president at the Bertelsmann Buch AG, five years at consulting practice Arthur D...
is a lawyer, internet activist, and Director of the Interplanetary Database Foundation, or IPDB, an internet-scale blockchain database for everyone, and Chief Policy Officer of BigchainDB (formerly
is the CEO/Co-Founder of BigchainDB, a blockchain database that allows enterprises to deploy decentralized applications. Prior to BigchainDB, Bruce co-founded Avantalion, a consulting firm specialised in building banks and industry startups in Europe and Asia for companies such as Mercedes- Benz,...


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