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Columbia Business School:
Digital Business Leadership
Today, every business is a digital business. In every industry, traditional business models and processes are being transformed by the spread of new digital technologies and the rise of disruptive threats. If electricity transformed manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution, the impact of...
15 days
36000 USD
Columbia Business School:
Business Analytics: Identifying and Capturing Value Through Data
The ability to use data effectively to drive rapid, precise, and profitable decisions has been a critical strategic advantage for companies as diverse as WalMart, Google, Capital One, and Disney. In addition, many current and recent startups such as Palantir and Splunk are based on the...
3 days
6450 USD
Fordham University:
M&A Dealmaking
Understanding the Private Equity Middle-Market Ecosystem Middle-market companies may not sound as exciting as the biggest firms that bring in billions at a time or the flashy startups that thrill and awe. But the strength of the overall economy depends on the health of the middle market. It’s...
8 days
1495 USD
Teachers College Columbia University:
Mindfulness Leadership Retreat: Self Awareness Training Institute for School Leaders
Mindfulness has recently picked up steam in the world of education, as recent empirical research has made it impossible to deny the connections between mind and science, emotions and behaviors, development and capacity. The findings support what many have known for years - that Mindfulness...
2 days
150 USD

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Harvard Business School:
1050 USD
Columbia Business School:
1989 USD
Continuing studies:
725 USD