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The effect of carbon emissions on tail risks


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Professor of Finance Head of Finance Department

Zacharias Sautner is Professor of Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. He was previously Associate Professor of Finance (with tenure) at the University of Amsterdam and Director of the Corporate Finance and Banking program at Duisenberg school of finance. Prior to that he worked as Research Fellow in Finance at the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford. Zacharias Sautner works in the area of empirical corporate finance and focuses on corporate governance, executive compensation, M&A, internal capital markets, and bankruptcy. His research was published in leading international journals such as the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, or Review of Finance and he has presented at conferences such as the AFA, WFA, and EFA. He teaches corporate finance, valuation, and corporate governance and has won different teaching awards.

Zacharias Sautner holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Mannheim and studied at University of York and University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart.

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