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SDA Bocconi School of Management

Curriculum Vitae

SDA Professor of Public Management and Policy

Degree in Economics and Management of Public Administrations and International Institutions, Bocconi University, 1997
Ph.D. in Economics and Managment of Public Administrations, Rome University, TorVergata, 2003
Ph.D. Candidate in Management, London School of Economics, 2005

Academic position and/or Professional activities

Associate Professor of Public Administration, Bocconi University, Milan

Research Interests

  • Management systems in the public sector
  • Reform and Innovation processes in the public administration
  • Public Management Policy
  • Information Technology in the public and healthcare sector (E-Government and Local Networks)
  • Communication and advocacy in the public sector
  • Business-Government Relations



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  • V.Mele, C. Forghieri “Gestire le relazioni tra PA e cittadini: citizen relationship management e multicanalità”. Maggioli, Maggio 2005

Chapters in books

  • “ICTs for streamlining volunteer management”. In Liao-Troth M. (ed) “challenges for Volunteer Management”. Information Age Publishing, (on press)
  • “L’E-Procurement nella sanità italiana. Alcuni spunti di riflessione.” In Ferrara G e Pozzoli S. (eds), “Sistemi sanitari regionali tra razionalizzazione degli acquisti e qualità” Giappichelli Editore, Torino. 2006
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  • “Paradigm and practice. The Innovative Organization to deal with E-Gov” Koshro Pour E. (ed). OECD and Idea Publishing. 2005
  • V. Mele, M. Meneguzzo, A. Tanese “Strategies for Healthcare Reform Implementation in Southern Italy. The role of informal networks”. In L.R. Jones, K.Schedler, R. Mussari (eds) Strategies for Public Management Reform. Elsevier 2004
  • Mele V., Forghieri C. The Modena E-Network for Strengthening Local Governance and Citizen Participation. In “Developing Local Governance Networks in Europe” (Bovaird T., Löffler E., Parrado-Dìez S.) Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft 2002
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  • Mele V., Fazzolari A. “European Public Administration Meeting. Prospettive di europeizzazione per gli studi di Pubblica amministrazione” in Azienda Pubblica, Milan n.4/98


  • Compagni, A., V. Mele and D. Ravasi. Forthcoming. How early implementations influence later adoptions of innovation: social positioning and skill reproduction in the diffusion of robotic surgery”. Academy of Management Journal
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  • Baccaro, L. and V.  Mele.  2012 “Pathologies of Path Dependency? The International Labour Organization and the Challenges of New Governance”. Industrial and Labour Relations Review. 65(2)
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  • Mele, V. and A. Compagni. 2010 “Explaining the Unexpected Success of the Smoking Ban in Italy: Political Strategy and Transition to Practice”. Public Administration 88(3) 
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  • “Il Ruolo del Governo nella Società dell’Informazione” (The Role of Government in the Information Society). In Azienda Pubblica 3/2001
  • “Le carte sanitarie: l’esperienza di alcuni paesi europei” in Mecosan 32/99
  • “Aspetti strategici collegati alla gestione dei servizi sociali” in Mecosan, Milan 1998
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  • “Le Campagne Sanitarie negli Ospedali Statunitensi: il caso del Children Hospital di Los Angeles” (The healthcare campaigns in the US Hospitals: the Los Angeles Children Hospital case) in Mecosan, Milan 4/97


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