Yale School of Management
Assistant Professor of Operations

Professor Manshadi’s research interests include real-time decision-making and dynamic optimization under uncertainty with various applications, such as online markets, health-care operations, and maritime port logistics, as well as matching markets and social networks.


  • PhD , Stanford University, 2011
  • MS , Stanford University, 2011
  • BS , Sharif University of Technology, 2003


Diffusion in Random Networks: Impact of Degree Distribution V. H. Manshadi, S. Misra, and S. Rodilitz Operations Research Forthcoming

On Matching and Thickness in Heterogeneous Dynamic Markets I. Ashlagi, M. Burq, P. Jaillet, V. H. Manshadi Operations Research Forthcoming

The Stochastic Container Relocation Problem V. Galle, V. H. Manshadi, S. Borjian, C. Barnhart, and P. Jaillet Transportation Science 2018

The effect of match-run frequencies on the number of transplants and waiting times in kidney exchange I. Ashlagi, A. Bingaman, M. Burq, V. H. Manshadi, D. Gamarnik, C. Murphey, A. E. Roth, M. L. Melcher, and M. A. Rees American Journal of Transplantation 2017

An Average-Case Asymptotic Analysis of the Container Relocation Problem V. H. Manshadi, S. Borjian, V. Galle, C. Barnhart, and P. Jaillet Operations Research Letters 2016


Product Ranking on Online Platforms M. Derakhshan, N. Golrezaei, V. H. Manshadi, and V. Mirrokni 2019

Information Inundation on Platforms and Implications G. Allon, K. Drakopoulos, and V. H. Manshadi 2019

Online Resource Allocation under Partially Predictable Demand D. Hwang, P. Jaillet, and V. H. Manshadi, 2018, submitted

Dynamic Stochastic Optimization of Relocations in Container Terminals S. Borjian, V. H. Manshadi, C. Barnhart, and P. Jaillet 2013

Impact of Network Structure on New Service Pricing S. Alizamir, N. Chen, S. Kim, and V. H. Manshadi, 2018

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