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Raj Gandhi - days 1-3:GGV London works with clients in the UK and internationally focusing entirely on solutions and knowledge transfer. It has also forged relationships with prominent institutions such as Euromoney, ACT, ACCA, ICAEW and the IoD to deliver executive training that empowers participants to tackle challenges.Raj is a fellow of the ACCA (accountancy), the ACT (Treasury) and member of the IoD (Institute of Directors). In a career that spans 25 years, he has held board and senior positions specialising in finance, treasury, governance and risk. Formerly CFO of London Capital Group plc, Raj’s other roles include member of group reporting team and treasury audit manager for Royal Dutch Shell plc, business unit director for Man Group plc, and group treasurer of Empire Stores Group Plc. In 2011, Raj founded GGV London to deliver in-demand leadership training to senior executives and to provide distinct consulting and mentoring services.

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