Rotman School of Management
Professor Emeritus of Finance


Paul Halpern is a Professor Emeritus of Finance at Rotman. He is Senior Advisor at the Capital Markets Institute. His research interests include capital market policy issues and corporate restructurings. Outside of academia, Paul is the Chair of the Advisory Board for the Canadian Investment Review and Director, Portfolio Client Services, Canada for LSV Asset Management.

Academic Positions

1999-Present  Toronto Stock Exchange Chair in Capital Markets

1977-Present  Faculty of Management; Institute for Policy Analysis, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

2001-2002  Associate Director; Capital Markets Institute

1999-2001  Director; Capital Markets Institute

1997-1998  Interim Dean; Rotman School of Management

1991-1993  Associate Dean (Research) and Director of PhD Program

1985-1990  Associate Dean (Graduate)

1972-1977  Associate Professor

1969-1971  Assistant Professor

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Tax Incentives and Comparative Advantage; with J. Mintz in J. MacIntosh, Competitive Industrial Development: The Role of Cooperation in the Technology Sector, forthcoming; 1999

Limited Liability; in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Law and Economics, MacMillian Press, Fall; 1998

Financing Growth Growth in Canada, editor, Industry Canada, University of Calgary Press, 1998

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