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Rady School of Management
Associate Professor of Marketing

Research Areas

Marketing strategy
Consumer behavior
Judgment and decision making
Risk and uncertainty
Behavioral economics
Business analytics

Industry Areas


Amir''s research focuses on using psychological and economic principles to identify successful strategies in different market settings. He investigates different customer decision-making mechanisms and their influences on pricing and promotion strategies, on decision making under risk and uncertainty, and on preference dynamics. He also writes about how insights from research on decision making and behavioral economics may be used to improve business practices and policy making.

Amir has received several research awards from the Marketing Science Institute and from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. Prior to coming to UC San Diego, he was an assistant professor of marketing at Yale University. Amir received his Ph.D. in management science and marketing from MIT’s Sloan School of Management in 2003.


How Non-Competes Stifle Performance (2014). Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb (with O. Lobel)

Driving Performance: A Growth Theory of Non-Compete Law, (2013). Stanford Technology Law Review, 16, 535-578 (with O. Lobel)

Liberalism and Lifestyle: Informing Regulatory Governance with Behavioral Research, (2012). European Journal of Risk Regulation, 1, 17-25 (with O. Lobel)

Can Uncertainty Improve Promotions?, (2010). Journal of Marketing Research, 47(6), 1070-1077 (with K.Goldsmith)

Choice Construction Versus Preference Construction: The Instability of Preferences Learned in Context, (2008). Journal of Marketing Research, April, 145-158 (with J.Levav)

In Search of Homo Economicus: Preference Consistency, Emotions, and Cognition, (2009). Journal of Consumer Research (with D.Ariely and L.Lee)

Deciding Without Resources: Psychological Depletion and Choice in Context, (2009). Journal of Marketing Research (with A.Pocheptsova, R.Dhar, and R. Baumeister)

The Dissociation between Monetary Assessments and Predicted Utility, (2008). Marketing Science, 27 (6), 1055-1064 (with D.Ariely and Z.Carmon)

The Dishonesty of Honest People: A Theory of Self-Concept Maintenance , (2008). Journal of Marketing Research, (with N.Mazar and D. Ariely) - Winner of the 2013 O''Dell Award

More Ways to Cheat - Expanding the Scope of Dishonesty , (2008). Journal of Marketing Research, (with N.Mazar and D. Ariely)

Resting on Laurels: The Effects of Discrete Progress Markers as SubGoals on Task Performance and Preferences, (2008), Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 34 (5), 1158-1171 (with D.Ariely)

Stumble, Nudge, Predict: How Behavioral Economics Informs Law and Policy (2008), Columbia Law Review, December, 2098-2138 (with O.Lobel)

Tough Choices: How Making Decisions Tires Your Brain, (2008). Scientific American, Mind & Brain: Mind Matters, July 22. 

Decisions by Rules: The Case of Unwillingness to Pay for Beneficial Delays, (2007). Journal of Marketing Research, February, 142-152 (with D.Ariely)

The Most Influential Age Hypothesis: Preference Formation and the Self , (with N.Mazar)

Motivating Discounts: Price-Motivated Consumer Reasoning, (with E.Dawson)

Innovation Motivation: Behavioral Effects of Post-Employment Restrictions, (with O. Lobel)

Risk Management for the Future: Age, Risk, and Choice Architecture, (with O. Lobel)

Behavioral Economics, Psychology, and Public Policy, (2005). Marketing Letters (Special Issue for the Sixth Choice Symposium), 16:3/4, 443-454.. (with D.Ariely, A.Cooke, D.Dunning, N.Epley, B.Koszegi, D.Lichtenstein, N.Mazar, S.Mullainathan, D.Prelec, E.Shafir, and J.Silva)

Liberating Limitations: Regret and Indecision in Consumer Choice, (with D.Ariely)

Book Chapters

Making Consumption Decisions by Following Personal Rules, (with O.Lobel, and D.Ariely)

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