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Assistant Professor


  • PhD, Economics, Stanford University
  • H.Dip, Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin
  • BA, Economics and Psychology, Georgetown University

Positions Held

  • At Haas since 2010
  • 2010 – present, Assistant Professor, Haas School of Business

External Service and Assignments

  • Complex Systems Summer School, Santa Fe Institute, 2005
  • Summer Institute in Behavioral Economics, Trento, Italy, 2006
  • Referee: Journal of Labor Economics

Current Research and Interests

Ned Augenblick’s research focuses on the theoretical and empirical analysis of online markets. His dissertation examined the actions of auctioneers and consumers in the market for penny auctions, a relatively new Internet auction format in which the auctioneer makes an average revenue of 150% the value of the good.  More recently, he has been studying the Amazon Mechanical Turk, an online job market for very small and repetitive jobs.  Ned hopes to continue to use new technology to observe and understand online interactions in different markets.

Selected Papers and Publications

  • “Consumer and Producer Behavior in the Market for Penny Auctions: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis” (Job Market Paper)
  • “Choice Fatigue: The Effect of Making Previous Choices on Decision Making,” with S. Nicholson
  • “Using Competition to Elicit Cooperation in a Public Goods Game: A Field Experiment,” with J. Cunha
  • “Bad Associations: Protecting Trademarks from Dilution”

Honors and Awards

  • Leonard W. and Shirley R. Ely Dissertation Fellowship, 2009 – 2010
  • George Shultz Fellowship Funding (Swoopo Project), 2009
  • Centennial TA Award: University-wide Annual Teaching Award, 2009
  • George Shultz Fellowship Funding (Election Project), 2008
  • John M. Olin Law and Economics Program Fellowship, 2006
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award: Six-time winner, 2005 – 2009

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