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Murray is a Leadership and Strategy Consultant specialising in change management with an extensive business and entrepreneurial background. He has 25 years of first hand business experience as a senior executive, entrepreneur, CEO and founder, of a major construction business in Canada. The experience provides Murray Palevsky with rare insight into the inner world and business challenges of top business leaders. Prior to founding his own business, Murray worked in banking and real estate finance.

Murray is a graduate of Brandeis University and holds an MBA in Organisational Behavior and Finance from McGill University. He has received psychoanalytic training in Montreal and is a graduate Magna Cum Laude of the Consulting and Coaching for Change (CCC) programme at INSEAD in 2007.

Murray has also developed a unique approach to coaching using a music focused intervention technique. This innovative approach to coaching received a highly positive reaction from both the coaching community at INSEAD, ESMT and from his corporate clients. The approach is highly recommended as a creative way of dealing with complex developmental challenges of individuals and teams. As a result, Murray has developed a multimedia training module using this technique as well as a forthcoming article titled: Coaching with Music: Orchestrating the Score to a Leader’s Inner Theatre. “An alternative way of leadership coaching using music to accelerate and enhance remembrance and insight”.

The approach has been highly recommended as a creative way of unleashing the untapped leadership potential associated with the complex developmental challenges of individuals and teams.

Murray also has a coaching practice around the world, including clients in Canada, the United States, Western Europe and Russia. Murray is a member of the ISPSO.

Murray fluently communicates in 5 languages and has a keen interest in music and art. He is an avid outdoorsman and salmon fisherman. He is married with 3 children.

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