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Lecturer in Developmental Psychology


I am a Lecturer in Developmental Psychology with research interests in parent-child relations and attachment, infant and child social and emotional development, child and adult/parental mental health, and social/cultural contexts. I have an interest in both healthy development and clinical populations.

My research is currently focused on the parent-child relationship in specific ''risk'' populations, the impact of early parent-child interactions on child development, and evaluation of early psychosocial interventions. Groups I have studied extensively include maternal depression, mothers with psychosis, infants and young children at risk of autism, and other cultural contexts. I am strongly in favour of observational measures where possible, and have an interest in the brain-behaviour link.

In 2008, I developed a global measure of parent-infant/toddler interaction that is now used for research internationally: the MACI - Manchester Assessment of Caregiver-Child Interaction. It is currently in use and has been used in observational studies in a range of populations and in evaluating early interventions. I provide occasional trainings for researchers interested in this measure (see ''links'' above).

I also have extensive experience with, and provide trainings in, a story stem measure of child attachment representations, the Manchester Child Attachment Story Task, developed by Prof Jonathan Green (see ''links'' above).

I''m part of both the Social Development Research Group, and the Centre for Women''s Mental Health. I collaborate with British Autism Study of Infant Siblings (BASIS) and several international research groups.

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After completing my degree at Lancaster University in 1997, I completed my MSc then PhD in psychology at the University of Manchester. In 2003, I secured a Research Fellowship in the School of Medicine at the University of Manchester, studying children of mothers with severe mental disorder and depression in the Centre for Women''s Mental Health. During this time, I became incredibly interested in mother-infant interactions and attachment and my research evolved into studying parent-child relationships in other at-risk or vulnerable groups. In 2009, I took on a lectureship, contributing to the MBChB degree programme in Medicine and supervising postgraduate research students. Since 2016, I have been based in the Division of Health Sciences in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. I teach psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level alongside pursuing my research interests.

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