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Columbia Business School
Assistant Professor


Michaela Pagel is an Assistant Professor at Columbia Business School. She received her Ph.D. from the Economics Department at UC Berkeley and works on topics in household finance. Her current work focuses on the consumption and investment implications of non-standard preferences. More specifically, she analyzes how decision-making is affected by people's beliefs about their consumption. She tests the implications of these preferences in consumption and wealth data as well as experimentally in the laboratory. She is also interested in the asset-pricing implications of non-standard preferences and behavioral biases.


Fall 2017

Capital Markets & Investments (EMBA)

Spring 2017

Capital Markets & Investments (MBA)

Spring 2016

Capital Markets & Investments (MBA)

Spring 2015

Capital Markets & Investments (MBA)


Journal articles

Expectations-Based Reference-Dependent Preferences and Asset Pricing In Journal of the European Economic Association (forthcoming)
Coauthor(s): Michaela Pagel

More Information Download paper (PDF)

Expectations-Based Reference-Dependent Life-Cycle Consumption In Review of Economic Studies (forthcoming)
Coauthor(s): Michaela Pagel

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Working papers

The Liquid Hand-to-Mouth: Evidence from a Personal Finance Management Software (2016)
Coauthor(s): Michaela Pagel, Arna Vardardottir

More Information

A News-Utility Theory for Inattention and Delegation in Portfolio Choice (2014)
Coauthor(s): Michaela Pagel

More Information Download paper (PDF) Ideas and Insights

Expectations-Based Reference-Dependent Consumption and Portfolio Choice: Evidence from the Lab (2013)
Coauthor(s): Michaela Pagel, Christopher Zeppenfeld

More Information Download paper (PDF)

Prospective Gain-Loss Utility: Ordered versus Separated Comparison (2013)
Coauthor(s): Michaela Pagel

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Ideas and Insights

On Payday, Consumers Feel a License to Spend (2016)

Want to Grow Your Retirement Savings? Forget About It. (2014)

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