Michael Siegel

Principal Research Scientist at Sloan School of Management

Adjunct Professor at American University School of Public Affairs

Professor, Community Health Sciences School of Public Health at Boston University


Sloan School of Management

Michael Siegel is a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management and is currently the Co-Director of the PROductivity from Information Technology (PROFIT) Project.  Siegel’s research interests include the integration and use of information from multiple and the use of modeling and data analytics to analyze complex systems.

His work has been published in areas including the use of information technology in financial risk management and global financial systems, cybersecurity, applications of computation social science to analyze state stability, digital business, financial account aggregation, healthcare information systems, heterogeneous database systems, managing data semantics, query optimization, intelligent database systems, and learning in database systems.

He received his BS in engineering from Trinity College (1977), an MS in engineering from the Solar Energy Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1980), and an MA and PhD in computer science from Boston University (1989).

American University School of Public Affairs

Michael Siegel is a Senior Training Specialist in the Division of Education, The Federal Judicial Center, Washington, D.C. He organizes, conducts, and evaluates education and training programs for federal court personnel in the areas of change management, negotiation and conflict management skills, presentation skills, and leadership development.
He served as an Eli Lilly Endowment postdoctoral teaching fellow at Purdue University. Dr. Siegel teaches as an adjunct professor of government at The American University, The University of Maryland University College, and Johns Hopkins University.
In June 1995, Dr. Siegel spoke in Buenos Aires, Argentina USIA on judicial independence and accountability. From June 2001 through July 2003, Siegel served as chairman of the Juvenile Justice Commission in Montgomery County, Maryland. In May and October 2005, Siegel traveled to Prague (Czech Republic) to participate in a World Bank/ ABA project on Strengthening Judicial Institutions.

Boston University

Michael Siegel is a physician who completed his residency in Preventive Medicine at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and trained in epidemiology for two years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta before coming to Boston. His primary research interest is in the area of tobacco control, focusing on secondhand smoke health effects, exposure, and policies; cigarette advertising and marketing practices and their effects on youths; and evaluation of tobacco control policies and their impact on youth and adult smoking behavior. His primary teaching is in the areas of mass communication, marketing, and public health advocacy. He is co-author of a book, titled Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change, that grew out of his teaching experience at the School. He has been active in promoting smoke-free bar and restaurant policies throughout the country and has served as an expert witness in several major tobacco litigation cases.

Courses Taught

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The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism clinical trial should be halted

April 14, 2018

The Hill Michael Siegel At a congressional budget hearing the National Institute of Health (NIH) director Dr. Francis Collins was questioned about an NIH clinical trial on the benefits of drinking that is being funded primarily by alcohol companies, which are contributing $68 million to this $100 million project… Expert quote: “Whether consumption of a […]

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Springfield man killed his fiancée. He wishes there hadn’t been a gun at home.

April 8, 2018

Springfield News Leader Michael Siegel As a felon, he could not own a gun, but she kept her pistol in an unlocked drawer of their bedroom nightstand… Expert quote: “Women who buy guns for protection could actually be putting themselves in danger.” View full article

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These states are responding to the Parkland shooting by trying to do something about gun control

March 31, 2018

Think Progress Michael Siegel Since 17 students and faculty died in a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last month, people across the country have been demanding real action on gun control… Expert quote: “It’s way too early to draw conclusions about how successful these laws are going to be. But right now […]

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Why states, not Congress, are passing more gun laws

March 23, 2018

PBS News Hour Michael Siegel Frustrated by inaction at the federal level, many gun control advocates have turned to state legislatures after a string of recent high-profile shootings to push for action on gun violence… Expert quote: “It’s way too early to draw conclusions about how successful these laws are going to be. But right […]

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Did Big Alcohol Fund Study On Benefits Of Moderate Drinking?

March 23, 2018

The Fix Michael Siegel Many have long extolled the virtues of a glass of wine with dinner or an alcoholic beverage at the end of a long day, but science hasn’t been able to back up the claim of any health benefits from regular consumption of alcohol… Expert quote: “This must have seemed like a […]

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The alcohol industry gave the government money to prove moderate drinking is safe

March 21, 2018

VOX Michael Siegel Over the weekend, the New York Times published a bombshell report on alarming ties between the alcohol industry and the National Institutes of Health… Expert quote: The study “is not public health research — it’s marketing.” View full article

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Federal Agency Courted Alcohol industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking

March 19, 2018

The New York Times Michael Siegel and Richard Saitz It was going to be a study that could change the American diet, a huge clinical trial that might well deliver all the medical evidence needed to recommend a daily alcoholic drink as part of a healthy lifestyle… Expert quote: Siegel: “This must have seemed like a dream come […]

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A study examines alcohol’s benefits. The industry is funding it.

March 18, 2018

Watertown Daily Times Michael Siegel and Richard Saitz It was going to be a study that could change the American diet, a huge clinical trial that might well deliver all the medical evidence needed to recommend a daily alcoholic drink as part of a healthy lifestyle… Expert quote: Siegel: “The study is not public health […]

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Opinion | Second Amendment not a license to kill

March 13, 2018

Commercial Appeal Michael Siegel A 10 year-old girl was shot as she slept in her Whitehaven home last week… Expert quote: “If we are able to better identify people at high risk for violence, we may be able to remove obstacles to obtaining firearms for law-abiding citizens, thus protecting the right of those citizens to keep […]

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How the firearms industry influences US gun culture, in 6 chart

February 23, 2018

The Conversation Michael Siegel Americans have blamed many culprits, from mental illness to inadequate security, for the tragic mass shootings that are occurring with increasing frequency in schools, offices and theaters across the U.S… Expert quote: “This indicates a growing demand for guns with increasing lethality and a design focused specifically on self-defense and concealed […]

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