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"The biggest hurdle for most leaders is moving from Doing to Leading."

Leaderise, my unique Leadership method, is the simplest, most practical way to make this change. Those that do make the transition tell me there stress levels, reduce, they have better balance, better opportunity for growth and are happier.

Leaderise was built for medium to small businesses who want the simplest, most practical for the owners and managers to develop into highly effective leaders.

Michael's interest in sport saw him use many sports strategies and tactics in his leadership & business coaching. He noticed that people could relate to the sport stories in a completely different way to how they saw business.

This led Michael to develop the Leaderise program that helps you move from doing to leading. Michael has reinvented himself several times in his life including as a footballer, a Sports Psychologist, a team member & leader in corporate life, a business owner & shareholder. These experiences of success & failure in business have honed Michael’s ability to help businesses increase engagement, productivity and profitability through better leadership.

Michael has been "coaching" since the mid 1980s, Initially as a sports psychologist & then throughout his management career. He also has a major in Psychology from La Trobe University, Post Graduate Certificate in Organisational Psychology from Monash University and various other sales, marketing, IT and management certificate courses.

Michael has developed and run programs for organisations such as Channel 9, Kea, Mobil−Quix, CSR, ANZ, Coles Myer, First National franchisees, Wizard licensees, Hawthorn Football Club, DMC Outsourcing, Whirlwind Print (BRW fastest 100), Message−media (Deloittes Fastest 50), Department of Infrastructure and many other small businesses.

Specialties: Taking you from unsustainable doing to Balanced Leadership

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