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International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Principal Designed Benefit Incentives St. Louis, Missouri

Mr. Dunlop is an integrated marketing , communications, sales and administrative officer with a strong focus on product and business development and implementation. His main concentration is in financial services, annuities and health and welfare programs with additional success in integrating disability, long term care, 457(f), qualified and non qualified plan product positioning and life and health plans and cross selling strategy to the end consumer. His success has been in building engaging career and direct distribution, wire house, independent broker, and traditional and specialty brokerage outlet channel strategy/positioning that results in a clear identity of brand in the market which helps drive profitable revenue growth from product and marketing development. He is recognized for his ability to create train, provide vision, leadership and strategy to distribute and administer applicable new variable, UL, traditional life products, health and welfare products and the coordination of administration of such programs utilizing customized turnkey approaches and integration of the selling process across other lines. Past roles have been as national external wholesaler of products , plan administrator , and advanced sales ( underwriting) marketing officer. He is recognized for his ability to create, market, and distribute applicable new product lines such as deferral, salary continuation such as SERP, “409(a) programs”, death cost recovery non qualified deferred compensation (aggregate funding as well as specific funding), split dollar, 162 bonus programs, pension and health care programs ( including CDHP) . Mark established and maintains strong relationships with high end producers that he gained during thirty plus years of active industry involvement including 10 years of corporate plan administration including P&L responsibility of 30M annually and reports over 75.

Preferred work functions:

  • Marketing and Relationship building
  • Networking, Team Leadership
  • Training of producers, their staffs and, clients in Traditional insuance as well as GVUL , COLI, and employee and executive benefits.

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