Prof. Marissa King on Networks and Innovation


Yale School of Management
Professor of Organizational Behavior

Professor King’s research examines social influence, social networks, and team dynamics. Her most recent line of research analyzes the individual and group level behaviors that are necessary to implement changes in the (re)design of organizations using wearable social sensors. This work highlights the unanticipated consequences that micro-level social networks can have in mediating planned change initiatives. More generally, Professor King’s research investigates the social processes underlying the adoption, diffusion, and utilization of new information. King’s research has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and NPR among other media outlets.


  • PhD , Columbia University, 2008
  • BA , Reed College, 2002


  • James Coleman Outstanding Article Award , Sociology of Education Section of the American Sociological Association, 2015
  • Elliot Freidson Outstanding Publication Award , American Sociological Association Section on Medical Sociology, 2011
  • Roberta G. Simmons Outstanding Dissertation Award , American Sociological Association Section on Medical Sociology, 2009
  • Alex Inkeles Award for Outstanding Graduate Student , Department of Sociology, Columbia University, 2007


Social Chemistry: Decoding the Elements of Human Connection M. King New York: Dutton (Penguin Random House) Forthcoming 2020


Medical Adaption to Academic Pressure: Schooling, Stimulant Use, and Socioeconomic Status M. King, J. Jennings, and J. Fletcher American Sociological Review 2014

Medical school gift restriction policies and physician prescribing of newly marketed psychotropic medications: a difference-in-differences analysis M. D. King, C. Essick, J. Ross, and P. Bearman British Medical Journal 2013

Socioeconomic status and the increased prevalence of autism in California M. D. King and P. S. Bearman American Sociological Review 2011

Social influence and the increased prevalence of autism diagnosis K.. Liu, M. King and P. S. Bearman American Journal of Sociology 2010

Antislavery in America: The press, the pulpit, and the rise of antislavery societies M. D. King and H. A. Haveman Administrative Science Quarterly 2008


Changing Interaction Dynamics in Hierarchical Groups: Evidence from a Role Expansion Field Experiment in Healthcare M. King and I. Nembgard

Conflict of Interest Policies and the Diffusion of Stimulant, Antidepressant, and Antipsychotic Medications M. King and P. S. Bearman More Publications by Marissa King

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