Marcus Opp

Assistant Professor at Haas School of Business

Associate Professor at Stockholm School of Economics


  • Haas School of Business
  • Stockholm School of Economics




Haas School of Business

PhD, Finance, University of Chicago
MBA, University of Chicago
Diploma, Business Economics, University of Mannheim
Positions Held
At Haas since 2008
2008 – present, Assistant Professor of Finance, Haas School of Business
Current Research and Interests
- Corporate finance (especially financial intermediation and financial regulation) - Contract theory: dynamic contracting, static contracting, applied game theory - International/ macro: DSGE models, trade theory

Selected Papers and Publications
- “Target Revaluation after Failed Takeover Attempts – Cash versus Stock,” 2016, joint with Ulrike Malmendier and Farzad Saidi, Journal of Financial Economics, 119, 92-106. - “Impatience vs. Incentives,” 2015, joint with John Zhu, Econometrica, _83, 1601-1617. - “Markup cycles, dynamic misallocation, and amplification.” 2014, joint with Christine Parlour & Johan Walden, _Journal of Economic Theory, 154, 126-161. - ”Rating agencies in the face of regulation,” 2013, joint with Christian C. Opp & Milton Harris, Journal of Financial Economics, 108, 46-61. - “Expropriation risk and technology,” 2012, Journal of Financial Economics, 103, 113-129. - “Tariff wars in a Ricardian model with a continuum of goods,” 2010, Journal of International Economics, 80 (2), 212-225. - “Rybczynski’s theorem in the Heckscher-Ohlin world – anything goes,” 2009, joint with Hugo Sonnenschein and Christis Tombazos, Journal of International Economics, 79 (1), 137-142.

Honors and Awards
- “Top 40 under 40” business school professor award by Poets and Quants, 2017 - 2016 Jensen prize. Best Paper Published in the Journal of Financial Economics in the Areas of Corporate Finance and Organizations, (first place) - Emerald Citation Award for paper “Rating agencies in the face of regulation”, 2016 - Fisher Center Grant, UC Berkeley, 2015-2016 - Junior Faculty Research COR Grant, UC Berkeley, 2008 – 2009 and (2012 – 2013) - John Leusner Fellowship, University of Chicago, 2007-2008 - German National Academic Foundation ERP Fellowship, 2006-2008 - Katherine Dusak Miller Ph.D. Fellowship in Finance, 2007-2008 - AFA Travel Award, 2005 - CRSP Summer Paper Award, University of Chicago, 2004 - German Academic Exchange Fellowship (DAAD), 2003-2006 - Valedictorian Graduate University of Mannheim, 2003 - Friedrich-Naumann Scholar, 2000-2003 - Julius-Paul-Stiegler Foundation Scholar, 2001-2002

Stockholm School of Economics

My research spans dynamic contracting, financial intermediation, and international finance. My most recent work on financial intermediation analyzes the interplay between financial regulation and risk-taking incentives in the financial sector. The corresponding papers are published in top general interest journals (Econometrica) and leading field journals such as the Journal of Economic Theory, the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of International Economics. The paper "Target revaluation after failed takeover attempts - Cash versus stock" won the 2016 Jensen prize for the best paper published in the Journal of Financial Economics in the areas of corporate finance and organizations (first place). My favorite papers are “Impatience versus incentives,” “Only time tell: A theory of deferred compensation and its regulation," and ''''Rating agencies in the face of regulation.'''' I have been a board member of the Finance Theory Group since September 2016. I won the 2017 Poets and Quants "Top 40 under 40" award for professors of world-wide business schools.


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