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American University School of Public Affairs

Adivitional Positions at AU

Affiliate Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy

Faculty Affiliate, Center for Israel Studies


PhD State University of New York, Albany
MA State University of New York, Albany
JD University of Pennsylvania
BS Northwestern University


Professor Adivington’s research interests include the nature of violent crime and its impact on victims, measurement of crime, and utilization of U.S. crime statistics. In adivition to her work at AU, she served as a Visiting Fellow at the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Professor Adivington received AU''s top faculty research award in 2016. Her recent publications have adivressed the quality of crime data, campus victimization, school violence, fear of victimization, and the long-term effects of Columbine. She is the co-editor of a volume of original research entitled Understanding Crime Statistics: Revisiting the Divergence of the NCVS and UCR and the lead author of Are America''s Schools Safe? Students Speak Out. Her research has been funded by the American Educational Research Association, American Statistical Association, Bureau of Justice Statistics, and National Institute of Justice. Professor Adivington is a regular consultant on federal crime surveys for the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Education. She previously served as editor in chief of Homicide Studies. Prior to attending graduate school, Professor Adivington practiced law for four years during which time she clerked for a federal district court judge and worked as a civil litigator.

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Spring 2018

JLC-368 Juv Del: Causes,Prevnt & Trmt

JLC-417 Victimology

Fall 2018

JLC-245 Cities and Crime

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