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Luca Taschini: "A largo plazo, las energías renovables reducirán el coste de la electricidad"


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Senior Dahrendorf Research Fellow


Dahrendorf Research Fellowship

Experience Keywords

Carbon markets; Energy Economics; Environmental economics; Industrial organization

Research Summary

Luca Taschini is an economist, working at the intersection of environmental economics, energy markets, and industrial organization. His current research investigates how market-based environmental regulation - and emissions trading schemes in particular - are working in theory and in practice. In particular, he is studying the functioning of price containment mechanisms, participation restrictions, the linkage of markets and the investigation of policy controls able to promote technology adoption.

Luca is one of the work-package leader of the FP7 Entracte project (2012-2015) and is currently coordinating the research on the EU ETS reform where he is investigating options for structural measures to improve the European Union Emissions Trading System. Preliminary results are already influencing the policy discussion in Europe and in China where Luca is consulting local authorities.

He is also the Chair of the Dahrendorf Working Group on the "economics and climate change". This working group aims at identifying a feasible climate policy mix to achieve long-term greenhouse gas reduction targets in Europe. The project is focusing on price-based (carbon taxes, subsidies, feed-in-tariffs) and quantity-based (renewable standards, emission permits) instruments and their interaction with additional policy instruments.

Research Countries

Australia; Brazil; Chile; China; Europe; South Africa; US

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