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Lisa Brand is the Co-founder and Director of Cyntropy. Lisa is a transformation management specialist with over 15 years' experience in strategic review, design and management of workforce capability, health, business compliance and risk.

With a background in psychology, she has diverse experience in behavioural and risk-based analysis and program design utilising quantitative and qualitative methods. She has worked in operational compliance roles in private, State and Federal government sectors, including in the Australian resources sector.

Lisa has extensive operational leadership experience working in complex, challenging and sensitive operating environments. As the G20 Australia National Safety Manager, she designed and implemented the G20 safety management system in under 12 weeks, enabling the management of risks to a workforce of over 7,000. Lisa is also an experienced internal regulator; she designed and implemented occupational and environmental medical services, resulting in a 40 per cent cost reduction in operating expenses for a large mining operation.

Lisa has the unique capability of designing and leading system change with consideration of the barriers and conflict that occur between people, system design and operational capacity. She specialises in resolving complex organisational factors, increasing individual and team performance and ensuring capability uplift. As a National Compliance Manager at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Lisa redesigned the operational framework for case management, reducing case load by 30 per cent and saving over two person-years of work time annually.

Lisa also provides training and individual coaching in the strategic and operational aspects of human resource management, specialising in integrating and redesigning compliance-based functions. She is most passionate about finding, fixing and future proofing points of conflict between people and systems.

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