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Léonie Hénaut’s research deals with sociology of work, occupations and organizations. Her prime theoretical focus is in professionalization and organizational rationalization, and how the two processes interact with each other and transform the division of labor. She conducts her research in various areas: policies and innovation fostering health and social care integration in France and the UK, cultural heritage occupations in France, and the transformation of US museums. In particular, Léonie is interested in the multi-occupational and collaborative work and work-settings that emerge in complex organizations. Combined with documentary and statistical data, her ethnography and interview-based studies nourish a processual and grounded approach of occupations and organizations.

Her work on health and social care policies has benefited from a long-term collaboration with Marie-Aline Bloch (EHESP) and several research grants: Léonie was co-PI with Blanche LeBihan (EHESP) of the Polia-Inlove Idex project (2013-2016) and participate in the qualitative evaluation of the PAERPA pilot program for the ministry of Health and Social care with Marie-Aline Bloch, Sébastien Gand (SciencesPo Grenoble) and Elvira Periac (Audencia Business School). On cultural heritage occupations in France, part of Leonie’s work has been conducted in close collaboration with Frédéric Poulard (Lille 1). Her recent research on art conservators has been funded by the ministry of Culture and Communication, and conducted with Jasmina Stevanovic and Gabriele Pinna. Finally, on her project on American museums, she has the chance to work with Anna Egea and Marie-Sophie Dumont-Tanner at CSO.

Teaching Activities

Lecturer in the doctoral program of Sociology at SciencesPo: ‘Professions and the division of labor” seminar with Didier Demazière (since 2013).

Occasional Lecturer in various institutes of higher education (since 2010): Institut national du patrimoine, Ecole nationale supérieure de Sécurité sociale, École supérieure des beaux-arts d’Avignon, Ecole supérieure Montsouris, Master in Museum studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Adjunct in Sociology at University of Lille Sciences and Technologies (2009).

Teaching assistant and Adjunct in Sociology at University Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis (2003-2007).

Other Activities

Member of the scientific committee on innovative practices in health and social care (IPSA) at the Fondation de l’Avenir (since 2015).

Member of the scientific committee on the contribution of “mutualist” services to research and innovation (SSAM) at the Fondation de l’Avenir (2014-2015).

Member of the scientific committee on disability and employment in public services at the French school of Public Health (EHESP) (2013-2015).

Co-chair of the weekly CSO doctoral seminar with Etienne Nouguez and Jeanne Lazarus (2012-2015).

Co-organizer of the annual CSO seminar with Jeanne Lazarus (2015-2017).

CSO representative on the board of the Sociology department at SciencesPo (2015-2017).


Ph.D. in sociology University of Paris 8 (2008)

Diploma Ecole du Louvre (2004)

Master’s in sociology, University of Paris 8 (2003)

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