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Are Cloetta and Europcar worth more? Answered by Léon Kirch & Allan Saustrup Jensen (ECP)


Luxembourg School of Business
Partner & CIO, European Capital Partners

Partner & CIO, has dedicated 20 years of his career to Value Investing. He graduated with a Master of Sciences in Management from Solvay Brussels School and was the founding President of the Luxembourg CFA Society. Léon is one of the few value managers worldwide who have outperformed the MSCI Europe over a period of twelve years. He is known to clients foremost as the fund manager of the Nordea European Value Fund that he co-managed from 2002 to 2014. The arrival of Léon Kirch in 2014 at ECP marks the beginning of a new entrepreneurial dynamic characterized by the launch of a portfolio management activity founded on the key concept of “Entrepreneurial Value Investing” and a strong wish to promote the merits of active management in relation to the growing success of passive investment solutions.

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