SingularityU Brussels Summit 2019: Kris Verburgh - Health & Longevity (short)


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Kris Verburgh is a medical doctor and author researching aging and longevity. He is an expert on the future of medicine and biotechnology. He studies how new technologies will disrupt medicine, health(care) and our lifespans, which trends and paradigm shifts in the medical field are happening, and the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on our bodies and brains. As a researcher at the Free University Brussels, he studies how and why we age and how these insights can be used to improve health and lifespan and lead to better prevention and treatment of various aging-related diseases and obesity. He created a new scientific field, nutrigerontology, that studies how nutrition can influence aging and the risk of aging diseases like heart disease or dementia. Besides a healthy lifestyle, he researches how new biotechnologies can address aging and improve longevity. He is a researcher at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA) and a member of the Evolution, Complexity and Cognition group, which studies how complexity, creativity, and intelligence can arise in nature, our body and mind.

At the age of 16, Kris became the youngest author of a science book in Europe. At age 25, he had written 3 science books, addressing subjects like the origin and evolution of the universe, life, morality, religion, and intelligence. His latest two books address health, aging, longevity and new developments in biotech. He gives talks on new developments and paradigm shifts in medicine, neuroscience, healthcare and aging. He gave lectures for the European Parliament, Singularity University, TEDx, international companies and various academic and governmental institutes and organizations.

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