Kathy Kram



Boston University


PhD, Yale University, 1980 MPhil, Yale University, 1978 MA, Yale University, 1976 MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973 BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972


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  • 2013, The Marion F. Gislason Award for Leadership in Executive Development, Boston University Executive Development Roundtable
  • 2013, Best Symposium in Management Education and Development, National Academy of Management
  • 2011, Everett Cherrington Hughes Award, Academy of Management
  • 2010, Hughes Award for Outstanding Career Scholarship, 2010, Academy of Management
  • 2010, Best Paper Award, Academy of Management Management Education Division
  • 2009, Shipley Professor in Management, Chaired Professorship


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What to do when a mentor blocks your career

January 4, 2016

Financial Times (subscription required) Kathy Kram, Questrom School of Business Too many bosses are failing to pull up the promising people below, says Herminia Ibarra… View full article quoting expert Kathy Kram

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Mentors vs. Peers: Who’s Better For Growing Your Business?

September 2, 2014

Inc. Kathy Kram, School of Management It turns out, struggling peers–rather than sage mentors–are oftentimes the best people for developing your business. Here’s why, and how you can surround yourself with the right advisers… View full article referencing expert Kathy Kram

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New book on workplace mentoring has implications for youth

August 30, 2014

The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring Kathy Kram, School of Management Boston University Professor Kathy Kram and Wendy Murphy, associate professor of management at Babson College, have published a new book titled Strategic Relationships at Work: Creating Your Circle of Mentors, Sponsors, and Peers for Success in Business and Life (McGraw-Hill)… View full article referencing expert Kathy Kram

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How to Break Up with Your Mentor

May 29, 2014

Harvard Business Review “HBR Blog Network” Kathy Kram, School of Management Having a great mentor can do wonders for your professional development and career. But even the best mentoring relationships can run their course or become ineffective… Expert quote: “If in order to grow, it’s necessary to move on, don’t hesitate to break it off.” […]

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For Mary Barra, ascent to top of GM started on the factory floor

December 10, 2013

Christian Science Monitor Kathy Kram, School of Management In taking the helm of General Motors on Tuesday, Mary Barra becomes the first woman to serve as chief executive officer of a major automotive company, a sign that corporate boards and investors increasingly see leaders’ gender as a nonissue and gender diversity perhaps even as an asset… Expert […]

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Don’t fret ‘excessive scrutiny’ of Mary Barra; She certainly won’t

December 10, 2013

Forbes Kathy Kram, School of Management In the wake of General Motors’ succession announcement today, surely we’ll get a week or so of auto-industry coverage that will carry a strong strain like this:… Expert quote: “I do hope that Barra doesn’t fall prey to excessive scrutiny – as did Carly Fiorina [as CEO of Hewlett-Packard] […]

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Mary Barra’s Ascension To GM CEO Is Surprise Only In Accelerated Timing

December 10, 2013

BrandChannel Kathy Kram, School of Management General Motors is busting out all over into a new future… Expert quote: “I do hope that Barra doesn’t fall prey to excessive scrutiny — as did Carly Fiorina [as chief of Hewlett-Packard] — because she is so visible as the first female CEO of GM. That would not […]

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Sudden illness sped up GM’s executive shuffle, Barra’s CEO promotion

December 10, 2013

Los Angeles Times Kathy Kram, School of Management The sudden illness of Karin Akerson, the wife of General Motors Co. Chief Executive Dan Akerson, sped up the naming of a new top executive at the nation’s largest automaker… Expert quote: “I am glad to see it happening a bit more often, but not yet often enough.” View […]

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3 Ways to Develop Your People Without Overwhelming Yourself

January 29, 2013

Forbes Kathy Kram, School of Management Senior leaders consistently report that they don’t have enough time for mentoring and developing others… View article

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Work on getting more from your mentors: Super-size

October 19, 2012

Chicago Tribune Kathy Kram, School of Management To find a job, you need to network… View article

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