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Josie Fung is the Managing Director for the Pivot Point Group.

In this role, she advises and collaborates with leaders to build their capacity in innovation and strategy by unlocking insights that unveil new opportunities. Josie collaborated with Roger Martin, Jennifer Riel and Stefanie Schram on the development of the Playing to Win Toolkit for Harvard Business Review Publishing. She works closely with Roger Martin, former Dean of the Rotman School and thought leader in strategy, to refine and develop application techniques in strategy across industries from high growth financial services, to technology innovators, to game changing non-profit organizations.

Josie is also the Executive Director for the I-Think a non-profit focused on system change in the education system. Here she spends her time creating new tools and methodologies, designing experiential workshops and developing curriculum to enable creative problem solving in K-12 classrooms across North America. In addition to this role, Josie is involved with Integrative Thinking and Strategy courses in the Commerce, MBA and Executive Programs programs at the Rotman School of Management.

As a result of her work in system change in education, she is also an Innovation Fellow for the Brookfield Insti

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