José Luis Nueno: Keeping Luxury Under Wraps


IESE Business School
Professor of Marketing

Areas of Interest

  • Brand creation
  • Commercial strategies
  • Distribution
  • Launching new products
  • Pricing

José L. Nueno is a professor in the Marketing Department at IESE. He holds a Ph.D. in business administration (marketing) from Harvard University, an MBA from IESE and a degree in law from the Universitat de Barcelona.

His areas of interest include distribution channels and manufacturer/distributor relationships. He has published articles on globalization, the marketing of consumer and luxury goods and relationship marketing. He has taught at several business schools, including on INSEAD''s elective course on Industrial Marketing. He was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan and has taught on joint programs with the University of Michigan and IESE in Vevey, Switzerland, and Shanghai. Prof. Nueno participates in programs across Latin America, the most recent of which were held at IPADE in Mexico and INCAE in Costa Rica. In 2003 he was part of the faculty team for Harvard Business School''s AMP Middle East Program and the Strategic Program for Retail Managers.

Prof. Nueno has directed sessions for executives in over 100 corporations and has been a speaker at many industry meetings and conferences, including those organized by HSM Expomanagement in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Mexico.

He is the author of a number of articles published in the Sloan Management Review, Business Horizons and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. He has also penned articles on marketing for a variety of academic publications. His most recent books are ¿Por qué comercia tan poco el comercio electrónico? (Why Does the Electronics Industry Engage in So Little Marketing?) (1999), Gestión de Precios (Price Management) (1998), Consumidor al Filo del Siglo XXI (The Early 21st Century Consumer) (1998), Comunicación al Filo del Siglo XXI (Communication in the Early 21st Century) (1999), La Naturaleza del Gasto (The Nature of Spending) (2004), Las Claves de la Innovación (The Keys to Innovation) (2005), El Consumidor Maduro en España (The Mature Consumer in Spain) (2005), Experiencia de Compra (Shopping Experience, 2010) and El declive de las calles comerciales y el nacimiento del nuevo modelo multicanal (The decline of main streets and the birth of the new multichannel order, 2013).

Prof. Nueno is a member of the boards of directors of a number of leading international companies (listed and not listed). He is also a corporate consultant (since 1986 he has worked on behalf of more than 160 global clients on more than 230 projects), and advises national and international corporations in the areas of marketing and strategy.

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