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Nov 11, 2019—Jun 12, 2020
20 daysModules info
Barcelona, Spain
EUR 37500 ≈USD 41887
EUR 1875 per day
Mar 9—Oct 2, 2020
20 daysModules info
Barcelona, Spain
EUR 37500 ≈USD 41887
EUR 1875 per day


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About the course

The Advanced Management Program Barcelona exposes you to innovative perspectives and cutting-edge thinking on the challenges you face every day as a senior business leader. The result is a strengthened capacity to drive your company’s performance. Excellence in strategy and change execution. And greater alignment and commitment to take your business to new levels of success.

What will you learn?

Take a step back. Assess your competitive landscape, open up to new concepts, embrace new ideas and build future-proof leadership strategies to drive and sustain growth.

You will be stretched, challenged and supported by faculty and peers to deliver excellence in your leadership.


Integrative thinking

Identify and exploit opportunities for new products, new services or new markets. Know who to deploy when creativity is needed to solve problems.

Innovation mind-set

Enhance your entrepreneurial faculties, spot the global trends and connect the dots to capitalizing on technology, resources and talent.

Decision analysis

Improve your decision-making through deeper understanding of your broader competitive context and pan-organizational goals.

Change competency

Drive change. Identify the levers and the key people to build impetus, and follow through on implementation.

Self Management

Develop heightened empathy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Improve interpersonal skills to develop talent.

Negotiating and influencing

Lead complex negotiations to more effective outcomes. Align diverse resources and capabilities around enterprise-level objectives.


Translate complex problems into simple, meaningful explanations. Resolve crises, disputes or customer challenges. Build commitment around shared goals.

Team management

Inspire your teams to take the next steps towards growth. Drive better alignment, commitment and performance.


The Advanced Management Program provides cross-functional and multi-faceted perspectives on different domains to give you the broader, deeper vision of a senior management generalist.

You will explore leadership in the context of:

The Global Economy

Investigate the economic environment at the beginning of the 21st century, and analyze the open economy in the context of the balance of payments and the exchange rate. Delve into the anatomy of “bubbles” and financial crises.

Competing in the Digital Age

Explore how the mobile space has transformed the global economy and chart the rise of the social web. Analyze the relevance of system obsolescence and IS strategy alignment.

Building Entrepreneurial Ventures

How do firms manage creativity and structure ideas? Examine the venture process within the context of people, ideas and plans.

Strategy Definition and Implementation

Look at how to build competitive advantage based on industry analysis, positioning and sustainability. Review how companies successfully create and capture value and manage strategic change.

Markets and Marketing

Examine product and brand strategies within the context of a changing customer base. Review pricing to capture value, and the interaction of product, distribution and pricing.

Making Innovation Work

Analyze execution and innovation risks and how to structure an innovation process. Sharpen your ability to spot creativity and identify opportunities.

Executive Decision Making and Analysis

Analyze the decision-making process and criteria, and the drivers behind decisions from effectiveness to sympathy and virtues. Deepen your understanding of databased decision making and examine how business and people interact.


Understand the dynamics of cooperative and competitive negotiations or “coopetition.” Take a deep dive into creative negotiation and conflict resolution.

Business Ethics

Acquire the tools and strategies for managing fraud and corruption, preventing and resolving corporate scandals and understanding the opportunities presented by corporate social responsibility.

Leading Change

Discover what it means to lead change, to lead towards excellence and to lead across cultures.

Health and Well–being

You will have a unique opportunity to reflect on how your professional choices fit with your lifestyle. And you will be coached and supported to optimize your well-being and vitality to achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction and sustained performance.


AMP Barcelona is structured around four one-week modules. Modules are delivered over the course of seven months at IESE Barcelona with one of the modules held in IESE’s Munich campus.

MODULE 1 Foundations of Decision Making

You will explore the big issues, challenges and new concepts surrounding global financing and accounting. Marketing strategy, operations and operational finance are also covered.

MODULE 2 Improving Business Performance

Module 2 introduces new concepts and tools to optimize your services and operations management. Delve into the challenges of corporate finance and competitive strategy. Reflect on your leadership style.

MODULE 3 Technology Driven Business

The third module probes diverse innovation and entrepreneurship models. Understand new business models and examine the latest advances in digital business. Visit companies that exemplify the impact of digital transformation and growth.

MODULE 4 Transforming Your Business

The final module introduces new concepts and tools in management control and strategy implementation. Develop your negotiation skills and explore the keys to successful boardroom governance processes.

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