Eller Executive Education
Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, McClelland Fellow, Associate Professor (by Courtesy), School of Sociology


Ph.D., Management, University of Texas at Austin, 1999

MBA, Duke University, 1993

B.S., Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 1982

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Capital and Social Embeddedness
  • Managerial Mobility and Gender Differences in Careers
  • Dynamics of Inter-organizational Relationships
  • Organizational Structure and Organizational Change
  • Use of Temporary and Contract Work Arrangements

Current Research

Working Papers:


BNAD 512 Managing Human Capital in Changing Organizations

MGMT 330 Human Resource Management

MGMT 433 Managing Human Resources Strategically

MGMT 442 Designing and Managing Organizations

MGMT 555 Competing Through People

MGMT 580B Doctoral Seminar - Organizations in Their Environment

MGMT 696S Doctoral Seminar - Advanced Topics in Organization Theory

Publications and Working Papers


  • Feyereisen, Scott, Joseph P. Broschak, and Beth Goodrick.  2017.  Understanding Professional Jurisdictional Changes in the Field of Anesthesiology.  Medical Care Research and Review, Forthcoming.
  • Empson, Laura, Daniel Muzio, Joseph P. Broschak, and C. Robert Hinings.  2015.  Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms.  London: Oxford University Press. 
  • Broschak, Joseph P.  2015.  Client Relationships. In L. Empson, D. Muzio, J. P. Broschak, and C. R. Hinings (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms, London: Oxford University Press.    
  • Empson, Laura, Daniel Muzio, Joseph P. Broschak, and C. Robert Hinings.  2015.  Introduction.  In L. Empson, D. Muzio, J. P. Broschak, and C. R. Hinings (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms, London: Oxford University Press. 
  • Broschak, Joseph P. and Emily S. Block.  2014.  With or Without You: When Does Managerial Exit Matter for the Dissolution of Dyadic Market Ties? Academy of Management Journal, 57(3): 743-765. 
  • Cohen, Lisa E., and Joseph P. Broschak.  2013.  Whose Jobs are These? The Impact of the Proportion of Female Managers on the Number of New Management Jobs Filled by Women versus Men.  Administrative Science Quarterly, 58(4): 509-541. 
  • Gupta, Amar, Elisa Mattarelli, Satwik Seshasai, and Joseph P. Broschak.  2009.  Use of Collaborative Technologies and Knowledge Sharing in Co-located and Distributed teams: Towards the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory.  Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 18(3): 147-161. 
  • Davis-Blake, Alison, and Joseph P. Broschak.  2009.  Outsourcing and the Changing Nature of Work.  Annual Review of Sociology. 35: 321-340. 
  • Haveman, Heather A., Joseph P. Broschak, and Lisa E. Cohen.  2009.  Good Times, Bad Times: The Impact of Organizational Dynamics on the Careers of Male and Female Managers.  Research in the Sociology of Work, 19: 119-149. 
  • Broschak, Joseph P., Alison Davis-Blake, and Emily S. Block.  2008.  Nonstandard, not Substandard: The Relationship Among Work Arrangements, Work Attitudes, and Job Performance.  Work and Occupations, 35(1): 3-43. 

Working Papers:

  • Block, Emily S., Joseph P. Broschak, Sharon Koppman, and Idris Adjerid.  Will We Ever Meet Again? The Relationship between Inter-Agency Managerial Mobility and the Circulation of Client Ties. 
  • Hollister, Matissa, Lisa E. Cohen, and Joseph P. Broschak.  Not Her Job:  The Effects of Gender on Job Death
  • Jiang, Han, Jun Xia, Joseph P. Broschak, and Wei Shen. Yours versus Ours: Different Implications of Executive Social Capital and Board Social Capital for Firm Performance.
  • McCormick, Marleen, Ruth V. Aguilera, and Joseph P. Broschak.  Employee Mobility and Inter-Firm Ties: A C_ross-national Study of Social Embeddedness in Advertising Agencies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas._ 
  • Paik, Eugene, and Joseph P. Broschak.  Don’t Go Changing to Try and Please Me:  The Mobility of Artists and Producers When Record Labels Add Music Genres
  • Paik, Eugene, Joseph P. Broschak, and Kenneth W. Koput.  Network Structure and the Adoption of Technological Innovation: How Exclusivity in Record Labels’ Relationships with Producing Partners Affects the Adoption of the MP3
  • Rees, McKenzie, Emily S. Block, Lisa Ordonez, Joseph P. Broschak, and Stephen Gilliland.  Simply a Window Dressing? The Symbolic Use of Ethical Violation Reporting Systems.

Current Projects: 

  • Coaches Careers in Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Technological Change and Career Mobility in the Recorded Music Industry
  • Nonstandard Work Arrangements and Organizational Identity


Professional Associations

  • Academy of Management, Organization Theory Division
  • American Sociological Association
  • Strategic Management Society

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher, University of Arizona, Department of Management and Organizations, 2009, 2013.
  • Finalist for best paper published in Decision Sciences, 2008.
  • Finalist for best paper published in Academy of Management Journal, 2006.
  • College of Business Award for Excellence-in-Graduate Teaching (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), 2005
  • College of Business Alumni Association Award for Excellence-in-Graduation Teaching (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Business), 2005

Editorial Boards

  • Administrative Science Quarterly
  • Journal of Managerial Issues


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