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Jean-Noël Kapferer
Is luxury history? - Jean Noel Kapferer


HEC Paris
Emeritus Professor, Marketing


Jean-Noël Kapferer received his Ph.D. from Kellogg Business School (Northwestern University, USA). He holds the Pernod-Ricard Chair on the Management of Prestige Brands and teaches Luxury Management in China (Tsing Hua University in Beijing), Korea (at the Seoul Luxury Business Institute) and Japan. He is a world reputed expert on brands. He is known for his advanced work on brand identity, strategic brand management, brand portfolios, brand architectures and most recently on prestige and luxury management.

At HEC, he teaches at the Grande Ecole, MBA and Executive Education level . He also directs doctoral dissertations

Author of more than one hundred articles, published in American journals (Marketing Science, The Journal of Marketing Research, The Journal of International Marketing, The Journal of Advertising Research , Psychology and Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, The Public Opinion Quarterly) as well as in European journals (The Financial Times, The European Business Review The Journal of Brand Management, Market Leader , etc...) or Asian Journals ( Harvard Business Review China ) he won the 2004 American Marketing Association Award for the most influential contribution to marketing thinking for his article on «Local versus multinational brand strategy».He is the author of fifteen books on brand management, communication, word of mouth, advertising, four of them having gained wide international recognition: «Strategic Brand Management » ( now in its fourth edition , 2008) , «Re-inventing the brand » (2001), the very latest «The Luxury Strategy» (2009) all published by Kogan Page and a pioneering book «Rumours » (1991, Transaction Publishers) on the influence and management of word of mouth and buzz.

Jean-Noël Kapferer is an active consultant to leading international corporations on brand strategy. He is also a much sought after speaker for conferences and executive seminars all around the world. His recent lectures took place in New York, Geneva, Stockholm, Beijing, Seoul, Mumbay, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo.


Employment Date: 1970


1975 Ph.D. , Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, USA.

1972 DES de sciences économiques, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, France.




Academic Appointments

Academic responsibilities at HEC

2014- Emeritus Professor, Marketing.

2007-2013 Titulaire de la chaire Pernod Ricard "Management des marques de prestige".

1970-2013 Professor.

Scientific activities

Membership in Academic or Professional Organisation

Member, American Marketing Association.

Member, Association for Consumer Research.

Member, American Psychological Association.

President, Fondation pour l''Etude et l''Information sur les Rumeurs.

Editorial activities

Membre du Comité de Rédaction de la Revue Française de Gestion.

Directeur de collection chez McGraw-Hill.

Reviewer, International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Membre du Comité de lecture de Recherches et Applications en Marketing.

Member, Editorial Board, Decision Marketing.

Member, Editorial Board of the Journal of Brand Management.

Awards & Honors

2008 BNP Paribas Pierre Vernimmen Teaching Award.

2004 Tamer S. Cavusgil Award de l''American Marketing Association pour l''article "Executive Insights: Real Differences Between Local and International Brands: Strategic Implications for International Marketers", Journal of International Marketing, vol. 12, n° 4, 2004.

1989 Prix de Harvard-Expansion : mention pour l''ouvrage "La marque", McGraw-Hill.

1987 Fondation HEC Prize for the article: "Publicité : une révolution des méthodes", Revue Française de Gestion, 1987.

1987 Fondation HEC Prize for the article: "La sensibilité aux marques : un éclairage nouveau pour gérer la marque", Stratégies, 1984.

1979 Grand Prix de l''Académie des Sciences Commerciales pour l''ouvrage : "Les chemins de la persuasion", Dunod, 1978.

Research Areas

Brand StrategyNew Concepts and New Methods in Communication

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