Herta von Stiegel


Strathmore Business School
Founder & Executive Chair

Herta von Stiegel is the founder and Executive Chair of Ariya Capital Group Limited, an investor and developer focusing on clean energy and infrastructure investments in Africa. With over 25 years of international management, finance and board level experience, she has a consistent track record of building and leading profitable highly regulated financial services businesses and has specific expertise in banking, clean energy and cross-border risk management in Europe, North America and emerging markets. She has led/ executed debt and equity transactions in excess of $10 billion. During her 17 years in banking, von Stiegel held senior positions at Citibank, JP Morgan and AIG in London and New York. Until 2005, she was managing director at AIG Financial Products, where she had a leading position in the investment banking division with net revenues in excess of $800 million.

She serves on several corporate and non-profit boards, including on the Supervisory Board of LeasePlan Corporation N.V. and on the board of the London Metal Exchange. Until 10 November 2017, she was the first independent chair of the CHAPS Clearing Company Ltd, the primary UK whole-sale clearer of sterling payments with volumes in excess of £75 trillion per annum where she led the successful sale of the company to the Bank of England.

As Executive Chair of Ariya Capital, Dr von Stiegel is leading the firm in building large clean and renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa as well as providing embedded clean power solutions for the agricultural sector. The firm has three mutually reinforcing divisions: (i) Energy leasing; (ii) clean energy independent power producer; and (iii) asset management.

Born and raised in emerging markets, von Stiegel has committed this phase of her career to sustainable investing in Africa for financial returns but also to achieve quantifiable social and environmental benefits.

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