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Grant applications advice from the expert | Interview with Dr Harris Makatsoris


Cranfield School of Management

Harris is Professor of Manufacturing Operations in the Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre at Cranfield University. He has extensive expertise in process engineering, manufacturing systems, operations and control and has been developing A.I. controlled flow reactor systems for functional materials production for the last 10 years.

His research combines an experimental and a computational/A.I. component and leads a multidisciplinary team with a ~£7m research portfolio, with a focus on the process and formulation industry. He is a Chartered Engineer, graduated Imperial College London with a Mechanical Engineering degree and a PhD in Manufacturing Systems. He has spent 20 years in both industry and academia with the best part in conceiving and managing integrated development or research projects.

Harris has produced over 70 research outputs to date, including a book and peer reviewed journal and conference papers and holds three patents. He also has experience in technology transfer through commercialising technology he developed whilst researching manufacturing at Imperial College, via establishing spin out companies and is currently on the board as a non-executive in two overseas companies.

Articles In Journals

  • Luna J, Addepalli S, Salonitis K & Makatsoris H (2018) Assessment of an emerging aerospace manufacturing cluster and its dependence on the mature global clusters, Procedia Manufacturing, 19 26-33.
  • Jreissat M, Isaev S, Moreno M & Makatsoris C (2017) Consumer driven new product development in future re-distributed models of sustainable production and consumption, Procedia CIRP, 63 698-703.
  • Mumith J, Karayiannis T & Makatsoris C (2016) Design and optimization of a thermoacoustic heat engine using reinforcement learning, International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, 11 (3) 431-439.
  • Asadi A, Alsubaey M & Makatsoris C (2015) A machine learning approach for predicting delays in construction logistics, International Journal of Advanced Logistics, 4 (2) 115-130.
  • Tsimiklis P, Ceschin F, Green S, Qin SF, Song J, Baurley S, Rodden T & Makatsoris C (2015) A consumer-centric open innovation framework for food and packaging manufacturing, International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science, 6 (3) 52-69.
  • Kim W, Aung M, Chang Y & Makatsoris C (2015) Freshness Gauge based cold storage management: A method for adjusting temperature and humidity levels for food quality, Food Control, 47 510-519.
  • Al-Sayegh R & Makatsoris C (2015) Vision-Augmented Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanoindentation, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2015 Article No. 857574.
  • Mumith JA, Makatsoris C & Karayiannis TG (2014) Design of a thermoacoustic heat engine for low temperature waste heat recovery in food manufacturing: A thermoacoustic device for heat recovery, Applied Thermal Engineering, 65 (1-2) 588-596.
  • Anastasiou AD, Makatsoris C, Gavriilidis A & Mouza AA (2013) Application of μ-PIV for investigating liquid film characteristics in an open inclined microchannel, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 44 90-99.
  • Shortland A, Christopoulou K & Makatsoris C (2013) War and famine, peace and light? The economic dynamics of conflict in Somalia 1993-2009, Journal of Peace Research, 50 (5) 545-561.
  • Thein S, Chang YS & Makatsoris C (2012) A study of condition based preventive maintenance model for repairable multi stage deteriorating system, International Journal of Advanced Logistics, 1 (1) 83-102.
  • Ly DQ & Makatsoris C (2012) A first principles simulation framework for the interactions between a Si(001) surface and a scanning probe, Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology, 2 (3A) 194-202.
  • Yilmaz B, Makatsoris C & Chang YS (2012) Adaptive electronics manufacturing services using intelligent agents, International Journal of Advanced Logistics, 1 (2) 70-91.
  • Richmond C, Miras H, De La Oliva A, Zang H, Sans V, Paramonov L, Makatsoris C, Inglis R, Brechin E, Long D & Cronin L (2012) A flow-system array for the discovery and scale up of inorganic clusters, Nature Chemistry, 4 (12) 1037-1043.
  • Aung MM, Liang FW, Chang YS, Makatsoris C & Chang J (2011) RFID- and WSN-based intelligent cold chain management, International Journal of Manufacturing Research, 6 (2) 91-109.
  • Ly D., Paramonov L., Davidson C., Ramsden J., Wright H., Holliman N., Hagon J., Heggie M. & Makatsoris C. The Matter Compiler - towards atomically precise engineering and manufacture, Nanotechnology Perceptions, 7 (3) 199-217.
  • Makatsoris C (2009) An information and communication technologies-based framework for enhancing project management education through competence assessment and development, Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries, 19 (6) 544-567.
  • Ly D, Paramonov L & Makatsoris C (2009) First principles studies of an Si tip on an Si(100)2 × 1 reconstructed surface, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 21 (18).
  • Markopoulos E, Bilbao J, Christodoulou E, Stoilov T, Vos T & Makatsoris C (2008) Process development and management: towards the maturity of organizations, International Journal of Computers, 2 (4) 361-370.
  • Baumberg J, Cronin L, Gee M, Kearnes M, Macnaghten P, Makatsoris H, Ramsden JJ, O'Reilly R & Webb M (2007) Where is nano taking us?, Nanotechnology Perceptions, 3 (1) 3-14.
  • Makatsoris H & Chang Y (2004) Design of a demand-driven collaborative supply-chain planning and fulfilment system for distributed enterprises, Production Planning and Control, 15 (3) 292-302.
  • Chang Y, Makatsoris C & Richards HD (2004) Design and implementation of an e-procurement system, Production Planning and Control, 15 (7) 634-646.
  • Makatsoris H, Chang Y & Richards H (2004) Design of a distributed order promising system and environment for a globally dispersed supply chain, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 17 (8) 679-691.
  • Chang Y & Makatsoris H Supply chain modelling using simulation, International Journal of Simulation : Systems, Science and Technology, 2 (1) 24-30.
  • Leach NP, Makatsoris C & Richards HD Controllo della catena di alimentazione: trade-off e requisiti di sistema, Journal de qualitate.
  • Richards HD, Dudenhausen HM, Makatsoris C & de Ridder L (1997) Flow of orders through a virtual enterprise - their proactive planning and scheduling, and reactive control, Computing and Control Engineering, 8 (4) 173-179.
  • Leach NP, Makatsoris C & Richards HD (1997) Supply chain control: Trade-offs and system requirements, Human Systems Management, 16 (3) 159-169.
  • Tsimiklis P & Makatsoris C An open innovation framework for collaborative food product design & manufacturing, Journal of Innovation Management, 3 (4) 134-163.
  • Tsimiklis P & Makatsoris C An open innovation framework for market driven sustainable food manufacturing, Food Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 5 (3) 1-21.

Conference Papers

  • Dewberry EL, Sheldrick L, Sinclair M, Moreno M & Makatsoris C (2017) Developing scenarios for product longevity and sufficiency. In: PLATE 2017: Product Lifetimes and the Environment, (Research in Design), Delft, 8-10 November 2017.
  • Isaev S, Makatsoris C, Jressiat M & Wagner C (2016) Linking human and machine - Towards consumer-driven automated manufacturing. In: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), Vancouver. Dataset/s: 10.17862/cranfield.rd.4743118.v1
  • Dewberry E, Saca L, Moreno M, Sheldrick L, Sinclair M, Makatsoris C & Charter M (2016) A landscape of repair. In: Sustainable Innovation 2016: Circular Economy Innovation and Design, Epsom, 7 November 2016.
  • Alsubaey M, Asadi A & Makatsoris H (2015) A Naïve Bayes approach for EWS detection by text mining of unstructured data: A construction project case. In: 2015 SAI Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys), London, 10-11 November 2015.
  • Alsayegh R, Paramonov L & Makatsoris C (2013) A novel virtual environment for molecular system design. In: IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications (CIVEMSA), 15 July 2013 - 17 July 2012.
  • Aung MM, Chang YS & Makatsoris C (2012) The effect of temperature on climacteric fruit in cold chain. In: International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS), Rhodes Island, 24 November 2012.
  • Alsharif R & Makatsoris C (2009) Design of a novel, composite and reconfigurable micro manufacturing machine. In: Laser metrology and machine performance IX : 9th International Conference and Exhibition on Laser Metrology, Machine Tool, CMM & Robotic Performance 2009 (LAMDAMAP 2009) , Uxbridge, 29 June 2009.
  • Ly DQ & Makatsoris C Ab-initio studies of phase manipulation from Si(001)-p(2x1) to Si(001)-p(2x2) using a silicon AFM tip. In: UK SPM 2009, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, 24 June 2009.
  • Ruiz Y, Bilbao J, Markopoulos E, Stoilov T, Talamanca C & Makatsoris C Electromagnetic fields and radio frequency identification and their effects in our bodies. In: 12th WSEAS International Conference on SYSTEMS, Herklion, 23 July 2008.
  • Makatsoris C & Chang YS (2008) Beyond CRM: A system to bridge the gap between the customer and the global manufacturing supply chain. In: 41st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii.
  • Markopoulos E, Panayiotopoulos JC, Bilbao J, Makatsoris C, Samaras G & Stoilov T (2008) Project management process framework for developing and IT systems. In: The 12th WSEAS International Conference on COMPUTERS, Hearklion, 23 July 2008.
  • Chang Y, Jussila J, Makatsoris C, Bikfalvi & Vanharanta H Cultural dimensions on innovation cultures. In: The 2nd International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, jointly with the 12th International Conference on Human Aspects and Advanced Manufacturing, Las Vegas, 14 July 2008.
  • Makatsoris C Human-centric IT. In: The 5th International New Exploratory Technologies Conference NEXT 2008, Turku, 20 August 2008.
  • Saberi S & Makatsoris C (2008) Multi agent system for negotiation in supply chain management. In: The 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Research, London, 9 November 2008.
  • Al-Sharif R, Makatsoris C & Sadik S (2008) A novel architecture for a reconfigurable micro machining cell. In: The 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR 2008), Brunel University Brunel University, Uxbridge, West London, UK, 9 September 2008.
  • Fu W, Chang YS, Aung MM, Makatsoris C & Oh CH (2008) Wireless sensor network based intelligent cold chain management. In: The 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR 2008), Brunel University Brunel University, Uxbridge, West London, UK, 9 September 2008.
  • Markopoulos E, Bilbao J, Christodoulou E, Stoilov T, Vos TEJ & Makatsoris C (2008) A comprehensive approach on process development, evolution and maintenance. In: 7th WSEAS international conference, Hangzhou, 6 April 2008.
  • Makatsoris C (2004) Deployment of distributed computing at CERN.
  • Makatsoris C & Chang YS (2003) A sense and respond supply chain management system. In: The 6th SMESME International Conference, Athens.
  • Chang YS, Makatsoris C & Richards HD (2003) A system enabling integrated demand/supply side chain. In: Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (ICE2003), Espoo, Finland, 16 June 2003.
  • Chang YS & Makatsoris C (2002) Collaborative reactive control of supply chains. In: 30th Computers and Industrial Engineering Conference, Tinos, 29 June 2002.
  • Makatsoris C, Markopoulos E & Lampropoulos P (2001) Next generation collaborative e-commerce technologies as tools for managing supplier quality. In: Cyprus Quality Forum, Nikosia, 26 June 2001.
  • Makatsoris C & Richards H (1998) Semiconductor virtual enterprises: requirements and solution proposals. In: DMMI, Porloroz.
  • Teixeira E, Makatsoris C & Besant C (1998) Distributed capacity analysis for proactive planning in semiconductor virtual enterprises.
  • Makatsoris C & Richards HD Semiconductor virtual enterprises: requirements and solution proposals. In: IFAC/IFIP Conference 'management and control of production Logistics, Campinas.
  • Richards HD, Dudenhausen H, Makatsoris C & Ridder LD (1997) Order Flow Management and Control in a Virtual Enterprise.
  • Richards HD, Makatsoris C & Leach NP (1996) Production Planning & Control within Supply Chains. In: ESPRIT- Copernicus 'Symposium on Quality, logistics and Technology Management', Budapest.
  • Makatsoris C, Leach NP, Richards HD, Besant C & Ristc M (1996) Addressing the planning and control gaps in semiconductor virtual enterprises. In: ESPRIT - Integration in Manufacturing (IiM), Galway, 2 October 1996.
  • Makatsoris C & Besant CB (1995) Production planning and control strategies for cellular manufacturing facilities. In: 11th International Conference on Computer Aided Production Engineering.
  • Besant CB & Makatsoris C (1994) Distributed Planning and Control Systems for Manufacturing.


  • Papanikolaou M, Pagone E, Salonitis K, Jolly M & Makatsoris C (2019) A computational framework towards energy efficient casting processes. In: Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2018: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (KES-SDM-18), Cham: Springer, p. 263-276.
  • Alsubaey M, Asadi A & Makatsoris C (2016) An unsupervised text-mining approach and a hybrid methodology to improve early warnings in construction project management. In: Intelligent systems and applications: Extended and Selected Results from the SAI Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2015, Switzerland: Springer Science, p. 65-87.
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