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How are markets shaped? My research revolves around market(-ing) practice and the strategic efforts of various actors to change how markets work. This includes activities that shape individual economic exchanges, activities through which rules and norms for such exchanges are shaped and activities through which such exchanges are represented as markets. The research approach I work with is inspired by the sociology of science and techniques and could be characterised as constructivist market studies. In my PhD thesis, Organising Distribution, I studied the modernisation of Swedish food distribution in the 1940s and 50s. I also take interest in methodological issues and in particular the use of sociological methods in studying markets. Over the years I have worked with a number of such methods such as quantitative network analysis, historical methods and narratology. In my work on market(-ing) practice I have been fortunate enough to co-operate closely with C-F Helgesson, formerly at SSE, now at Linköping University. Over the past 10 years I have also been involved in the establishment of an international Market Studies group with a number of likeminded colleagues across Europe: Luis Araujo, Manchester; John Finch, Glasgow; Susi Geiger, UC Dublin; Debbie Harrison, BI; C-F Helgesson, Linköping; Robert Spencer, Euromed Marseille, Alexandre Mallard, Ecole de Mines ParisTech, among others.

Some recent publications are:
•Araujo, Luis & Hans Kjellberg. 2015. ''Forming Cognitions through Investments: Frequent Flyer Programs in US air travel post deregulation (1981-1991).'' Industrial Marketing Management, 48 (July), 68-78.
•Araujo, Luis & Hans Kjellberg. 2015. ''Enacting novel agencements: the case of Frequent Flyer schemes in the US airline industry (1981–1991)'' Consumption Markets & Culture.
•Blomberg, Jesper, Hans Kjellberg & Karin Winroth. 2012. Marketing shares, sharing markets. Palgrave Macmillan.
•Geiger, Susi, Debbie Harrison, Hans Kjellberg & Alexandre Mallard (eds). 2014. Concerned Markets. Edward Elgar. 
•Hagberg, Johan & Hans Kjellberg. 2015. ''How much is it? Price representations practices in retail markets.'' Marketing Theory, 15 (2), 179-99.
•Kjellberg, Hans, Frank Azimont & Emma Reid. 2015. ''Market innovation processes: balancing stability and change.’ Industrial Marketing Management, 44 (Jan), 4-12.
•Mason, Katy, Hans Kjellberg & Johan Hagberg. 2015, ''Exploring the performativity of marketing: theories, practices and devices.'' Journal of Marketing Management, 31 (1-2), 1-15.

•Nenonen, Suvi, Hans Kjellberg, Jaqueline Pels, et al. 2014. ''A new perspective on market dynamics: Market plasticity and the stability-fluidity dialectics.'' Marketing Theory 14 (3), 269-89.

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