Tuck School of Business' Emily Blanchard on exploring the future of global value chains


Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Emily Blanchard teaches the second core economics course, Global Economics for Managers, as well as an elective research to practice seminar on Firms and International Economic Policy. Her research centers on the economics and policy implications of globalization.

Current Research Topics

  • How FDI and global supply chains influence trade policy and the role of the WTO 
  • Human capital responses to globalization 
  • The role of trade intermediaries in shaping trade patterns and market access

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Tuck School of Business, 2011–present
  • Assistant Professor, University of Virginia, 2004–11

Nonacademic positions

  • Analyst/Senior Analyst, The Economics Resource Group, Inc., 1997–99

Professional affiliations

  • Referee: American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Review of Economics and Statistics, American Economic Journal, Journal of International Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, International Economic Review, National Science Foundation, Berkeley Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Canadian Journal of Economics; Economics Letters, Economic Inquiry, Economic Journal, Economics and Politics, European Economic Review, Experimental Economics, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Journal of Economic Education, Journal of Economics and Business, Journal of Globalization and Development, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, Japanese Economic Review, China Economic Review, Journal of African Studies and Development, Southern Economic Journal, World Economy; Review of International Economics_
  • Member:   American Economics Association, AEA-CSWEP
  • Unpaid Special Sworn Employee of the Bureau of Economic Analysis

Working Papers

  • With T. Chesnokova and G. Willmann, “Private Label Exports: Trading Variety for Volume”
  • With A. Bernard, I. Van Beveren and H. Vandenbussche, “Carry-Along Trade” 
  • With G. Willmann, “Unequal Gains, Prolonged Pain: A Model of Protectionist Overshooting”
  • With C. Bown and R. Johnson, “Global Supply Chains and Trade Policy”
  • With W. Olney, “Globalization and Human Capital Investment: Export Composition Drives Educational Attainment” 
  • With C. Bown and R. Johnson, “Trade Policy, Latin America, and Value Chains” 
  • With X. Matschke, “Evidence on the Link between Bilateral Investment and Trade Deals”


  • Core Curriculum Teaching Excellence Award, Tuck School of Business (2016)
  • Paul E. Raether T’73 Fellowship (2015)
  • All-University Teaching Award, University of Virginia (2007)
  • UVa Department of Economics Undergraduate Teaching Award (2006)
  • Bankard Fund for Political Economy Research Grants (2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011)
  • UVa Excellence in Diversity Fellow (2006)
  • UW-Madison College of Letters and Science Teaching Fellow (2002)
  • Anna Morris Ely Outstanding Teaching Scholarship (2000, 2002)
  • Peggy Howard Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Economics (1999)
  • Joseph P. Lambie Prize in Economic History (1995)

Selected Publications

  • With G. Willmann, “Trade, Education, and the Shrinking Middle Class,” 2016. Journal of International Economics 99(1)
  • With X. Matschke, “U.S. Multinationals and Preferential Market Access,” 2015.  Review of Economics and Statistics 97(4)
  • "A Shifting Mandate: International Ownership, Global Fragmentation, and a Case for Deeper Liberalization Under the WTO," 2015. World Trade Review 14(1)
  • With S. Hakobyan, “The U.S. Generalized System of Preferences in Principle and Practice,” 2015. World Economy 38(3)
  • With G. Willmann, “Escaping a Protectionist Rut: Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy,” 2011. Journal of International Economics 85(1)
  • “Reevaluating the Role of Trade Agreements: Does Investment Globalization Make the WTO Obsolete?” 2010. Journal of International Economics 82(1)
  • “Trade Taxes and International Investment,” 2009. Canadian Journal of Economics 42(3)
  • With L. Anderson, K. Chaston, C. Holt, L. Razzolini, and R. Singleton, “Production and Gains from Trade,” 2008. Perspectives in Economic Education Research, 4(1)
  • “Foreign Direct Investment, Endogenous Tariffs, and Preferential Trade Agreements.” 2007. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 7(1)
  • With J. Andreoni, “Testing Subgame Perfection Apart From Fairness in Ultimatum Games.” 2006. Experimental Economics 9(4) 

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