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I'm actively looking for new opportunities in the greater Seattle area that align with my interests and course. - Through Data Science into Machine Learning SE and Research towards AI Research.

I'm happy to connect, but please extend the courtesy of telling me why we should connect, if we don't know each other already. It's just some basic manners, right?

Diving deep into ML / AI / understanding intelligence - generally. I choose Data Science as my entryway as it exposes the opportunities I am interested in while keeping the lights on. Aiming for ML / AI research. And then who knows....?

Experienced in diverse cultures, industries and roles. All scattered and with a common theme: Leading up to my interest. My past is the foundation on which I build my future. Looking forward and not living in the past. Tools are a means to transform an idea into results. Currently I am using as my main stack: python, jupyter notebook, scikit-learn, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, pandas, nltk, genism, xgboost. Chances are, this changes, if not tomorrow, then next week.

About my profile picture: It is chosen with purpose; for one, it symbolizes leadership for me: Only by treating the bird consistently, predictably and fairly, one can earn the respect that makes the bird want to return - after all, one must let the bird fly and be free. This respect needs to be earned every day. Secondly, the bird is a Harris’s Hawk which is notably for its behavior of being able to hunt in packs or alone, dependent on the environment. This is synonymous for my working style: I can work alone or in teams, dependent on the situation.

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