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Professor of Corporate and Competitive Strategy at IE Business School

Caterina Moschieri’s teaching and research focus on Corporate and Competitive Strategy. Her research and intellectual interests span from mergers and acquisitions to spin-offs to organizational design. One of Caterina’s main preoccupations is that research and teaching are strongly connected and aligned. “Mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs are transactions that most managers experience in their careers. I like to use my research to inform the students about timely and cutting-edge issues”.

Caterina holds a PhD in General Management, with a specialization in Strategy from IESE Business School, and graduate degree in economics, with a major in social economics, from Bocconi University, Italy. She also spent part of her PhD in London Business School and attended the GPCL Course at Harvard Business School. She also holds the UK International Capital Market Association Certificate for Fixed Income and Derivatives. Caterina spend the summer of 2014 as a visiting professor (scholar) at INSEAD, Paris.

Caterina’s research has been presented at several conferences and institutions around the world. Her work has been published in academic outlets and broader-audience outlets, such as the Financial Times and Forbes. Her research has been broadly featured or cited, for example by the International Monetary Fund and has received several awards and prizes, including national grants from the Portuguese and the Spanish governments.

Prior to joining IE, Caterina has been teaching or researching at Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Universidad de Navarra, ESCP-EAP, Pompeu Fabra University (ESCI), IESE and London Business School. Caterina won several Teaching Awards for teaching in the Doctoral, Undergraduate and Executive Education programs.

During her PhD she collaborated in different consulting projects with several MNCs in different sectors.

Before starting her PhD, Caterina worked for some years in Reuters Financial Services in Switzerland and the UK and in the European Commission.

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. in Management (summa com laude), IESE Business School, Spain, 2008
  • Visiting Ph.D., London Business School, UK, 2006
  • Visiting Scholar, INSEAD Paris
  • GPCL Harvard Business School, 2012
  • IFID - International Capital Market Association (GCP) (formerly ISMA): Fixed Income and Derivatives Certification, UK, 2001
  • B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Economics (DES) (with honors), Bocconi University, Italy, 2000. Major: Economics and Social Sciences.

Academic Experience

  • Associate (Tenured) Professor of Strategy, IE Business School, Spain, 2015- present
  • Assistant Professor of Strategy, IE Business School, Spain, 2010-2015
  • Visiting Scholar, INSEAD, Paris 2016-2017
  • Visiting Scholar (Summer), INSEAD Paris. 2014, 2015
  • Assistant Professor, School of Economics and Management, U. Catolica Portuguesa, 2008-2010

Professional and Consulting Experience

  • Scientific Adjunct, Spanish Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness, Directorate General of Scientific Research (ANEP/AEI), 2015- present
  • Professional experience in finance and consulting, in the UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

Selected publications

  • Blake & Moschieri (2017) ‘Policy Risk, Strategic Decisions, and Contagion Effects: Firm-Specific Considerations’, Strategic Management Journal, 38(3): 732-750
  • Moschieri & Mair (forthcoming) ‘Corporate Entrepreneurship: Partial divestitures as real options’, European Management Review
  • Blevins, Moschieri et al. (2016) ‘Institutional Changes within the European Union: How Geography, Global Cities, and Membership Affect MNE Entry Decisions’, Journal of World Business, 51: 319-330
  • Moschieri, Ragozzino, & Campa (2014) ‘Does Regional Integration Change the Effects of Country-Level Institutional Barriers on M&A? The Case of the European Union’, Management International Review (MIR), 54(6): 853-877
  • Moschieri & Campa (2014): “New Trends of M&As: Idiosyncrasies of the European M&A Market”, Journal of Business Research, 67(7): 1478–1485
  • Ragozzino & Moschieri (2014): “When Theory Doesn’t Meet Practice: Do Firms Really Stage Their Investments?” Academy of Management Perspectives, 28 (1): 22-37
  • Moschieri & Mair (2012) “Managing Divestitures through Time--Expanding Current Knowledge” Academy of Management Perspectives, 26(4): 35-50
  • Moschieri (2011) “The Implementation and Structuring of Divestitures: The Unit’s Perspective”, Strategic Management Journal, 32(4): 368-401
  • Moschieri & Mair (2011) “Adapting for Innovation: Including Divestitures in the Debate”, Long Range Planning, 44: 4-25
  • Moschieri & Campa (2009) “The European M&A Industry: A Market in the Process of Construction”, Academy of Management Perspectives, 23 (4): 71-87
  • Moschieri & Mair (2008) “Research on Corporate Divestitures: A Synthesis”, Journal of Management & Organization, 14 (4): 399-422

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