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David Eccles School of Business
Associate Dean, Faculty & Research; Zeke & Katherine Dumke Chair and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Department of Management; Professor in the Department of Management and the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Dr. Bill Hesterly is the Dumke Family Presidential Chair in Management at the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah where he also serves as Associate Dean for Faculty and Research. His most recent research focuses on appropriation and the locus of value creation. His research has appeared in top journals including the Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. He served on the editorial boards of Strategic Organization, Journal of Management, and Organization Science. He is the co-author of Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage. Bill has been recognized several times with awards for teaching MBA and executive students. He also received the Western Academy of Management’s Ascendant Scholar Award. He was a founding member of the Strategic Human Capital Interest Group at SMS and was also a co-founder of the Utah-BYU Winter Strategy Conference.Education

Ph.D., Management, University of California, Los Angeles, 1989

Research Summary

Individual versus organizational sources of value creation and innovation. Problem solving approaches to strategic formulation.


Hesterly, W., & Jay B. Barney. (2010) Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage (3rd edition). Pearson Prentice-Hall. Published, 01/01/2010.

Hesterly, W.(2008). Institutional Settings and Rent Appropriation by Knowledge-Based Employees: The Case of Major League Baseball. Managerial and Decision Economics. Discipline based – refereed, Published, 2008.

Hesterly, W., & Jay B. Barney. (2007). Organizational Economics. Handbook of Organizational Studies (2nd ed.). Discipline based – other, Published, 2007.

Hesterly, W., & Teppo Felin. (2007). The knowledge-based view, heterogeneity, and new value creation: Philosophical considerations on the locus of knowledge. Academy of Management Review. 32, 195-218. Discipline based – refereed, Published, 01/2007.

Hesterly, W., & Jay B. Barney. (2006). Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage. (pp. 584). Prentice-Hall. Teaching – other, Published, 2006.

Hesterly, W., & Chacar, Aya S. (2004). Innovations and Value Creation in Major League Baseball, 1860-2000. Business History. Discipline based – refereed, Published, 2004.

Hesterly, W., & Hite, Julie M. (2001). The Evolution of Firm Networks: From Evolution to Early Growth of the Firm. Strategic Management Journal. 22, 275-286. Discipline based – refereed, Published, 2001.

Hesterly, W., & Chacar, Aya S. (2000). How Knowledge-Based Employees Recognize and Pursue Rent Appropriation Opportunities: A Theory Development Based on the History of Major League Baseball. Academy of Management Best Papers. Discipline based – refereed, Published, 2000.

Hesterly, W., & Coles, Jerilyn. (2000). Leadership Structure and Board Composition: Trading Information for Independence. Journal of Management. Discipline based – refereed, Published, 2000.

Hesterly, W., & C. Brooklyn Derr. (0000). Changing Organizations and Leadership Management. Other, 0002.


Professional Service

  • Organization Science. Role: Member. Editorial Board. 2002 – 2004
  • Strategic Organization. Role: Member. Editorial Board. 2001 – present
  • Western Academy of Management. Role: Program Committee. n/a . 1999 – 1999

Internal Service

  • RPT Committee. Member, 2005 – present. College service.
  • Graduate Council. Member, 2005 – present. University service.
  • Salaries and Annuities Committee. Member, 2003 – present. University service.
  • Faculty Advocacy Committee. Member, 2003 – 2004. University service.
  • DESB Faculty. President, 2002 – 2003. College service.
  • Library Policy Committee. Member, 2002 – 2002. University service.
  • Management Department RPT Committee. Chair, 2001 – present. University service.
  • DESB RPT Committee. Chair, 2001 – present. College service.
  • DESB RPT Committee. Chair, 2001 – 2005. University service.
  • College Council. Member, 2001 – 2003. University service.
  • Graduate Council. Member, 2001 – 2002. University service.
  • College Council, Vice President of DESB Faculty. 2001 – 2001. University service.
  • U. of U/BYU Winter Strategy Conference, Organizer. 2001 – 2001. University service.
  • Library Policy Committee, Member. Member, 2001 – 2001. University service.
  • MBA Committee, Member. Member, 2001 – 2001. University service.
  • DESB Executive Education Committee. Chair, 2000 – present. College service.
  • DESB Executive Education Committee, Chair. Chair, 2000 – 2000. University service.
  • University Policy Committee, Participant. 2000 – 2000. University service.
  • Library Policy Committee, Member. Member, 2000 – 2000. University service.
  • MBA Committee, Member. Member, 2000 – 2000. University service.
  • U. of U./BYU Winter Strategy Conference, Organizer. Chair, 1999 – present. University service.
  • MBA Committee, Member. Member, 1999 – 1999. University service.
  • Management Department Recruiting Committee. Member, 1998 – 1999. Department service.
  • Deans Search Committee. Member, 1998 – 1999. College service.
  • Executive Education Committee, Member. Member, 1998 – 1998. University service.
  • Dean’s Executive Committee. Member, 1998 – 1998. College service.

Honors & Awards

Best Paper. Academy of Management, Management History Division, 2000

Ascendant Scholar Award. Western Academy of Management, 1999

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