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Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

Ari Wallach is the founder and CEO of Synthesis Corp., a New York City based strategic consultancy that lives at the intersection of innovation, technology and purpose driven culture. Synthesis works with governments, NGOs, foundations, and corporations at the C-suite level to discover new ways to drive sustainable innovation, rethink business models and improve top-line metrics. Clients include organizations such as CNN, Ford Foundation, UNHCR, VW, Pew Research Center and the US State Department.

Ari is the co-founder of The Great Schlep (, whose eponymous video had over 25 million web views, 350 million global media impressions and started a national conversation about race, faith and democracy during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Ari is also the founder of INFORUM–one of the nation’s largest non-partisan public affairs forums for young people. Ari is a frequent keynote speaker on the topics of 21st Century Strategies for 21st Century Change and complex systems innovation. Ari has a Bachelor of Arts from U.C. Berkeley in Peace and Conflict Studies and was a Coro Fellow in New York City. Ari currently sits on the boards of several non-profits as well as the Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley. He is also a former Commissioner for the City of Berkeley in California. More can be found at


  • BA, University of California, Berkeley

Ari Wallach discusses "3 ways to plan for the (very) long term" in a recent TED talk. (video)

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