Power of Productivity: LSE report commissioned by Vodafone UK


The London School of Economics and Political Science

Experience Keywords

DRM; ERP; P2P; aerospace; betting and gaming; broadcasting; e-commerce; franchising; information systems; internet; mobile and satellite telecommunications; new media; programme management; software

Research Summary

Dr Grous blends a professional background with graduate and postgraduate studies in economics, finance, information technology, and management. He has worked extensively in Europe, the US, Asia Pacific and Africa across sectors, including telecoms, FMCG, print and digital media, and in a number of technology environments. His research interests have recently focused on how managerial practices affect firm productivity, and how this varies across countries, particularly in technology and production enabled companies. This has included a focus on the way that organisational leadership influences a firm''s culture, strategy innovation and ability to he transformed as a result of external change, with considerable work at CEO/COO level. The key theme of how technology, people and organisational structure interact in the pursuit of strategic goals is also being assessed in the context of a digital environment and the continued changes this precipitates for consumers and organisations alike.

Research Countries

Australia; Asia; EU; Greece


Greek [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Intermediate]

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