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Agnes Guenther is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Department of Strategic Management and Globalization (SMG) and the Department of Economics (ECON) at Copenhagen Business School. She obtained her M.Sc. in Strategic Product Design with Honors from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Prior to this, she earned a bachelor of arts degree, double majoring in Industrial Design and Communication Design. She has received scholarships as well as design and innovation awards from different international organizations, such as the Future Award in Economy, and the blue dot design award from the Design Engineering Faculty of TU Delft.

Prior to her Ph.D. Fellowship at CBS, Agnes worked as an independent consultant, and as a Research Assistant and Tutor at the University of Sydney Business School and Delft University of Technology. In total, she has worked or studied at seven Universities in six countries. Her teaching activities covered areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation, business model innovation, creative leadership, and design thinking.

Her research focuses on the intersection of (design/creative) cognition—particularly (abductive) reasoning—decision making, innovation, and (growth) strategy. As Ph.D. Fellow at CBS, Agnes investigates location choice and (cognitive) differences in decision making in the context of foreign direct investment (FDI) and multinational enterprises (MNEs).

Primary research areas

-       Decision making
-       Strategic management
-       Cognition
-       Abductive reasoning
-       Location choice

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