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XCPD-766 Capstone Course in Social Media

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Course Details

This course serves as in-depth review of the program content. In addition, participants will present and defend a social media project they plan to create, implement, manage, and assess at work. Faculty and peers provide feedback and assess the effectiveness of the plan and lessons learned. Participants must also submit a brief strategic communications plan.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Employ lessons from previous social media management courses with a holistic and rounded perspective
  • Plan a social media campaign focusing on their organization's goals
  • Implement and manage social media usage within a real world environment
  • Evaluate and present an assessment of how social media use affects his/her organizational goals and priorities
Sauder School of Business

Social Media Strategy

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Next dates

Jun 20—21
2 days
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1695 ≈USD 1267
CAD 847 per day

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Leverage Your Organizational Goals with Social Media Marketing

Having a sound social media strategy is the first step in building any digital marketing plan.

This course provides a strategic framework for integrating your organizational goals with social media marketing. Identify the opportunities inherent in your Unique Selling Proposition. Set appropriate social media objectives and build an effective strategy and plan to achieve them. Leverage social media to connect your brand with the right audiences and influencers.


  • Research potential markets using social media
  • Connect with influencers and build online communities
  • Set social media goals that align with larger strategic objectives
  • Identify and employ the right measurement tools
  • Develop effective social media marketing strategies and plans
  • Promote your brand through viral and traditional marketing channels

Course Content

  • Creating online community: defining your demographics and target audience, understanding audience motivations and needs, building emotional connection and engagement, fostering Word of Mouth marketing
  • Aligning your community with social networks: highlighting your Unique Selling Proposition, researching statistics and target markets for popular social networks
  • Building a social media marketing strategy: SWOT analysis, setting and measuring social media objectives, tying social media goals back to organizational strategy, navigating multiple marketing channels and touchpoints, assessing social media analytics data
  • Connecting with influencers: identifying influencers for a campaign, developing plans to engage them
  • Pulling it all together: linking strategy to content, issues of content creation, curation and cultivation, getting a team on board, social media trends and emerging challenges

Special Features

This workshop includes:

  • A sample social media marketing plan
  • Examples of successful social media marketing campaigns
  • A social media framework for assessing opportunities


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Detailed Description
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