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XCPD-761 Social Media Strategies & Tactics

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This course delves into the operational impact social media efforts have on the internal operations of an organization. The course will focus on how building a long-term plan to inform better decisions in the short term and also position organizations for future growth. After the initial phase of activity to implement social media technologies, organizations are faced with new challenges around redefining technology environments, workflow, collaboration, and management. This course follows the communications professional through the stages once the initial wave of activity to implement social media ends and how to be a proactive thought leader in defining and implementing a social media strategic roadmap. Participants will focus on the elements of building a successful roadmap, which includes consideration of factors ranging from operational and infrastructure requirements to workflow and collaboration models as well as the impact technology decisions have on future possibilities. Participants will be able to make better long-term technology decisions, help organizations a position themselves for growth over time and become a proactive thought leader.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the communications factors that affect organizational social media implementation
  • Initiate and organize phased incorporation of social media use into existing communication structures
  • Create an effective and extended communications road map for social media implementation
  • Contribute to organizational communication decisions, growth management, and strategy discussions
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Social Media Marketing

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Next dates

Dec 11—13
3 days
Stockholm, Sweden
SEK 25500 ≈USD 2757
SEK 8500 per day

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Drive growth and value using social media

Explore and practice the techniques driving growth and value in your business using social media channels and content strategies. Navigate social contexts locally and globally and explore platforms, technologies, and trends.

Guided by professional speakers and facilitators, you will get hands-on working with real business cases.

Get the competence

Effectively integrate social media content into existing communication platforms and campaigns to increase conversion.

Get the confidence

Create social media strategies that enable conversion through customer interactions and engagement.

Get the job done

Hands on workshops with peers and multidisciplinary professionals, tools and real business challanges will help you implement your learnings and bring them home to your own business.

What you'll learn

This course is for you who wishes to accelerate your skills within social media and develop a deeper understanding of ecosystems, customer behaviors and how to guide your target group through your conversion funnel by creating interactions and engagement in your social media channels.

Navigate social contexts locally and globally

Identify and differentiate platforms, technologies and trends to adapt your social media presence to different target groups.

Identify target groups

Find and understand changes in consumer behaviors and learn how to work with different target groups to build engaged communities.

Consumer journey and communication

Learn how to plan and produce content for different stages of your content funnel and for different target groups. Effectively integrate social media into existing communication platforms and campaigns.

Plan and sell social projects

Create budgets and plan resources. Learn how to use and manage engagement, KPIs, social analytics, and visualization. Understand the legal and ethical aspects of social media.

How you'll learn

This is an experienced based course. You will take part in workshops and dive deep into actual business cases encouraging you to develop, test and iterate your ideas and solutions.

Peer Learning

Learn and get insights from other participants from different organizations and industries. By working together in groups you'll get new perspectives and insights through the collective intelligence of the group.

Solve hands on tasks

By working with actual business cases and creating strategies for Social Media you'll be equipped with the right knowledge, mindset, and tools to take your organization and team to the next level.


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Detailed Description
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